Thursday, 8 September 2016

She's upersen

We had a weather warning last night which I ignored because weather warnings are ten a penny and rarely are they THAT bad (that's naughty of me but honestly). Well we did get a thunder storm and extremely heavy rain and it WAS loud but I was so tired I slept through most of it. Unfortunately Huffle didn't sleep and had to get up for an hour and sit in the basement sometime around 3am.

This morning, I warned the boys they would have to go outside earlier than normal but when the bus arrived at 8:38, four minutes earlier than yesterday, a whole twelve minutes earlier than it should be here, there was huge pandemonium panic. Once again the driver waited with a wave and a smile. I asked the kids to ask her what time she was planning for the rest of the year. Huffle says at this rate she'll be here the night before by the end of the month! Apparently she told Smallest that was the time she would be here everytime despite the fact that she either takes a different route to school to waste time or, like today, she made them sit in the bus for ten minutes till a teacher turned up!!!!

It was a very warm and humid day and with the moisture from the night rain, everywhere felt like a greenhouse. It was horrible. I should have been gardening at TheRoyals today but MrsRoyal cancelled as it was just too hot and yucky. Instead I went food shopping in a nice quiet air conditioned big supermarket with not many people.

Huffle put stuff away for me when I got back and I went for a cup of coffee at TheRoyals and caught up with the chit chat. Their house isn't air conditioned and we sat there melting. I don't know how they have coped this Summer.

Huffle and I had dinner, me watching BBC and him listening to a work call. I spent the afternoon sorting washing and complaining that my muscles ached terribly!!!!!!

Yesterday when Smallest came home he had learned how to count to 10 in French plus a few staple phrases. Today he has learnt to count up to 20. Wow, either he has a penchant for French like his brother or that is one good teacher. He is loving it too. When Small and I tried to teach him some French during the Summer in preparation he just laughed and said Tout A l'heure (see you later).

Tonight was Smallest's last football game and it was about 50 minutes drive away. Small stayed at home by himself (I called him at half time to check he was okay, he was. However minutes away from home, he called me to ask if we were coming home. It was dark and he was by himself, though he said he wasn't scared just wanted to know if we were ever coming home. He thought we were out partying!). The team played patchily. Smallest was excellent (not biased at all) and the team lost 9-3.

Captain Smallest (6)
The sky was amazing tonight.
Huffles side mirror



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