Wednesday, 7 September 2016


A ridiculously hot day. Too hot to be outside and yet Smallest had to do Cross Country in it. Wel that's silly! It was also too hot to do aerobics up in ExerciseNics loft, but I did. She went easy on us but it was still hot and hard work. I will ache tomorrow!

The boys nearly missed the bus today as it arrived at 8:40 (supposed to be 8:50) and I only noticed because I looked out of the window while they were tying their laces. Luckily it did wait for them but MissM missed it! I wonder if it is always going to be that early, as in the Winter it's not easy to be waiting out there for ten minutes in the freezing cold snow!

This morning I did my aerobics, had a shower and then went to Suffolks for the afternoon. She said we were going to just sit and knit so I left my hair wet and scraggy. However when I got there she wanted to go out as she had cabin fever (no car at the moment). We had a lovely lunch in a new pub near her house and then a quick shop in a hardware shop before going back to hers and knitting and chatting.

I got home just before the boys came home. Huffle is struggling to get used to the quiet of a house without any us in it. I'm sure he moaned that we made too much noise in the holidays.

The kids were full of papers to sign again and stories of their day. They are certainly coming home with positive views on school so that's good. Hope it lasts.

After dinner we all went into the hot hot loft (no air conditioning up there) and tidied it up. I still need to do some sorting and organising but it looks much better. The boys earned some time on the Wii and Huffle and I got some time to ourselves before we watched the GBBO with Small when Smallest went to bed.

The boys are looking tired. Don't know if they are getting up too early.

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