Monday, 26 September 2016

One in one out!

The kids went to school, both still wearing shorts though the temperature is much cooler and is feeling very Autumnal now.

Huffle decided it was now Winter and started moving things out of the garden, like the hose etc. Silly Huffle. I started moving Small's room to accommodate Grandma and Grandad. I stripped all beds and removed all thin quilts and replaced with thicker ones as it is certainly cooler at night now too. I made Small's bed in the loft but I didn't think he would want to move up there straight away, I was just hoping I wouldn't have to change the beds again before Friday.

I did loads of washing, shame I can't put it on the line now. Shame, too, that the new dryer hasn't arrived yet. There was a lot of sorting, folding, drying, sweeping, swiffing and mopping of floors and Huffle cleaned the main bathroom beautifully. This also meant he cleaned out the cupboards and cleared away a lot of stuff we don't really use.

Small's birthday present arrived today (I can't say just in case he is reading this) and Huffle played with it to make sure it worked and then hid it until Saturday when he officially becomes a teenager EEEEEK!

I had a very quick lunch and then drove to the forest to meet NoCustard (who I haven't seen since before Summer). It was raining quite hard and some of the trails had been closed due to 'logging'. We started on one trail and then found it was closed half way round so joined a different trail we weren't sure of. We then took a detour and ended up doing a bit of a circle and bumped into the people who were blocking the trails. They showed us a map of how to get out but we ignored them and did our own thing which meant we had to climb around the fence they put up (otherwise we would have been walking all day!). We were absolutely drenched but it was good to be back in the forest and nice to see and chat with NoCustard.

I had a warming shower when I got back, finished some washing, made a couple for beds and then the kids were home. Smallest got on the football team and is very happy and Small hit his thumb on an American football and thought he had broken it. He wasn't very happy.

I messaged MrsPiano who came later to accommodate Small not having his lesson (I think she goes to several others after ours) and then took Small to the Emergency Hospital. There wasn't anyone else in there (we thought) when we got there but we had to wait for about fifteen minutes to see the Triage Nurse. We got sent to x-ray and went straight in where Small had a very quick x-ray. Then the waiting began. We were put in a room with three/four other people and two others soon followed us, then two more. I put an hour's parking on the car and then another hour and then another hour until we were at our limit (if you pay up to three hours, the rest is free). We finally got called in just before 8pm, saw a doctor who told us that it didn't look broken but was probably very badly sprained. She asked to see his other thumb until we told her that had been broken too previously so was not the best indication. There is no treatment other than pain killers, occasional ice and no sport that uses the hand (I never told her that Basketball started on Wednesday). The radiographer has to still look at the x-rays and will call me if there is any other news.

We came home. Huffle and Smallest had gone out for dinner and we were supposed to join them but they were home before we left the hospital so Huffle brought Small a burger back and I had beans on toast which was waiting for me with a hot cup of tea. The hospital was freezing and our feet and legs were reallly cold so we snuggled up under the blanket at home.

I am very pleased his thumb is NOT broken but I wish they could tell you soon rather than have you wait for so long.






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