Saturday, 24 September 2016

The World (or some of it) Cup

The Leicester City game was already in the 50th minute before I realised it was on. Already four goals had been scored against them too. Huffle put it on the TV but they lost! BOOO. We had breakfast and then the Stoke game was put on the TV and I disappeared to the bedroom to watch one of my programmes and knit. Stoke drew today.

12:30 we left the house and made our way to Toronto. The traffic was horrendous. There was a baseball game on at 4pm and the Hockey World Cup was on on the evening. Now I say World Cup but that actually means America, Canada, North America, which we think is the under 23's of America, Canada and Mexico "honestly we don't think they are trying to fill the teams up because they haven't got enough for a World Cup" and a European Team. Russia are also in it - hang on, aren't they Europe? Or perhaps they have enough players to make up a whole team, beyond that we are clueless and couldn't care less.

Anyway, we went for lunch at G for Gelato where we all shared pizza and then had a gelato whilst wandering around the grounds of the Cathedral.

The sun was very bright and the sky was a gorgeous deep blue but in the shade it was quite cool. In the full sun however, it was hot. Today the Blue Jays were playing the New York Yankees and the Blue Jays won 3-0. It was quite a good game despite the lack of runs but we had a bunch of drunk idiots in front of us who drank and drank and drank. Huffle and I can't understand why these people go to a game, sit and chat ALL game without really watching and get drunk at $11 per beer. Would it not be cheaper to watch the game in a sports Bar? Small and I had two girls with ponytails in front of us and they kept swishing their hair on our legs. Small got very grumpy with them. One of their boyfriends (who Huffle said had a mullet under his hat, put his hair in a ponytail too and Smallest called him Pony). The whole row got up and down many many many times during the game.

On the way out of the city, we spotted a man dressed as a farmer carrying an inflatable sheep under his arm!!!!

We left the game and wandered slowly towards the car. No-one had any inclination to do anything else. I think we were all tired.

I had a call today to say my engagement ring was ready for collection HURRAH.


Small wasn't feeling too well today with a very sore throat, we fed him Vitamin C sweets, ice cream and lots of water. When we got home I made him and me a hot lemon, ginger and honey drink to help soothe and heal.



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