Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Aren't we all?

Both boys were back to school and feeling well. I even forgot to give Smallest his pile of drugs so he must have looked and sounded better. The bus came at a reasonable time, in fact the kids had to rush to the bus because they were lazily getting ready and Maurice was already waiting.

I cycled to aerobics today in the hope that I could earn enough calories to eat. Yesterday I filled in my fitness tracker and only just had enough calories to spare. Today I cycled 3km, aerobic'd for 1 hour and walked later for twenty minutes.

Aerobics was hot and sweaty and I seemed to make lots of noise today, groaning and moaning and breathing plus the normal laughing. After my shower and multiple texts to Suffolk we decided on meeting in Uxbridge and going for lunch. I had a lovely Lemon Cauliflower soup which was excellent with a toasted bagel. We had a good chat and then went off for some retail therapy where we both bought a couple of small Christmas Presents. We visited ShopkeeperEl in the wool shop and bought some supplies and then wandered around a posh furniture shop which made me sneeze!! After all that hard work we went back to the cafe where we shared a pot of tea. I thought I wanted a piece of chocolate cake but when it came I didn't really want it so I had a few bites and brought it home for the boys. Suffolk lent me a couple of sewing books so that when Grandma is here we can make a start on the Roman blinds I want to make for our bedroom. She also bought me some fixings for them in the sale.

I came home and had a look at the work MrBasment and Jim did while I was away. All lights done now. Good job. I went for a walk by myself. I was feeling a bit down and grumpy and wasn't much company but it was good to clear my head before the kids came home.

The boys did a chore each and played on the Wii while I made dinner. I also made a Sticky Apple Sponge which we had with custard in front of The Great British Bake Off. The pudding was a success. Maple Syrup, apples cooked in brown sugar and butter and then layers of apple and sponge. Ummm ummmmmm. So much for calorie counting!!!!!

This evening Smallest brought a book home for me and him to read together. It is called Boy and is by Roald Dahl. It's biographical and so far is good. He is reading Esio Trot at home and The Twits at school. We played Mancala together before his bedtime. Nice one on one time with the little man, I enjoyed it.

Small. Huffle and I watched some more of another Bourne film.

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