Sunday, 11 September 2016

Artisan Scone education

It rained during the night but I don't think we got any storms or tornados thank goodness. We turned the air con off and opened all the windows as it was much cooler and nicely breezy. Nothing better than real air coming into the house.

We had quite a lazy morning. Waffles for breakfast made by the boys and I in order to make enough noise that Huffle would get up HA! We spent the rest of the morning playing on gadgets or mastermind.

Late morning Huffle made scones for the afternoon football party. Plain and fruit and I popped to the local Beer Store (I shouldn't call it this because it so much more than just beer). I had a chat with the new owner who is from Sri Lanka but lived in UK for many years. He had just what I needed, what a nice change from going into our local general store and being disappointed. I bought whipping cream and came home and whipped it up for the scones. We couldn't decide whether people would know what to do with a scone here so we popped in a couple of jars of our jams and decided we would make up a plate full and leave the rest for others to do themselves (once we had educated them). I also made flapjack earlier in the week so that was cut up, ingredients listed (in case of allergies etc) and put in a tin.

The boys played on the Wii together and we had a quick bite to eat, not knowing exactly what food was going to be at the party, we opted for fish finger sandwiches and warmed up pizza.

We had a couple of games of Prehistoric Park and Pokemon Yahtzee and then some basketball. The boys had some quiet time to themselves while Huffle and I wandered around the garden moving a couple of plants and deadheading and then skyping Grandma and Grandad.

DonNoQuotey sitting on his truck waiting for people to come by and buy his cr@p! He's been out there all weekend.

Early evening we went off to the football party. Lots of food, games for the kids, parents and siblings. Football tops for the team members (Smallest got a lovely England top to add to his collection). They also got their team photos.



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