Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Smelly Cat

The boys forgot to wake me up this morning so I started out late making their lunches, consequently my breakfast was eaten late and I was nearly late for aerobics. The bus came around 8:32am and so the kids had to sit on it again and wait. The driver also drove around the village trying not to arrive too early. C'mon Maurice, sort it out! Small wants to go on his bike tomorrow. Well both boys do but Small doesn't want to be responsible for Smallest, I can't go because I am gardening and we are not convinced that Smallest is completely road safe on his own. I said I would bike with him on a another day as it would be good for me too. Besides, I have no idea where their bike locks are or what their combinations are if we do find them.

My breakfast didn't sit too well at aerobics. I think my reflux problem, the one I didn't know I had until I went to the docs to see if I could have an allergy test for spice, is causing me all sorts of trouble. Indigestion, tummy pains etc etc. I am now convinced there is a food, or group of foods, I don't digest as well as I used to (poor old Famfa) and this causes acid or reflux and so the problems continue. It made exercising today quite uncomfortable and I hadn't had my coffee either. I must remember to get up earlier on a Wednesday, eat earlier and have a better start to the day! Anyway, it was another hard workout, lots of planks, press ups which I can't do because my arms don't seem to bend the right way, and sit ups! OUCH for tomorrow and Friday!

Huffle cut the grass today during his lunch and yesterday painted the outside of the Sun Room. He is keeping very busy on the days I don't have lunch with him. I must go out more often. After my shower, I went to Suffolks for another day of Shoe Storage Solutioning. In actual fact we looked, were disappointed but did see lots of things we thought wouldn't work. It's all part of the process of finding just that right thing. I bought a couple of Christmas presents and some useful things and we bumped into Swanny who recommend a tea place. As we had completely forgotten about lunch we made our way there (though it took a while to find the place).

They had a huge assortment of teas and Suffolk chose one that tasted like cake. I had a lemony one that smelt bad and tasted quite tart. I had to put honey in it but it didn't really make it much better. Suffolk and I got the giggles while we were eating. Naughty girls! I bought some cup cakes to take home which were nice cake wise but had a disappointing buttercream, quite fake tasting. However the cupcakes did hide a surprise in the cake part. I bought smallest a double chocolate one and it had a huge piece of chocolate in the middle. Huffles had some coconut in it and mine had a lemony middle, not lemon curd but similar.

On my way home I picked up a free compost bin someone had left out (I saw it the other day on my walk with ClownRose and forgot to go back) and then I noticed a Facebook sale for some Blue Jays tickets in the Hamlet. I messaged the lady in question and much later we purchased them from her.

The boys had had a good day, emptied their bags and did a chore each before practising piano and going on their tablets. I made cottage pie for dinner and we went for a walk afterwards where we picked up the tickets, caught Pokemon and chatted.

On our walk Huffle found this weirdly huge caterpillar
Every cloud.........silver lining.....

This evening we all watched the Great Britsh Bake Off.



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