Sunday, 4 September 2016

Busking with Guiseppe

Today we drove into Toronto, along the Old Kingston Road way instead of the 401 Highway. This was a much more interesting drive and didn't take us any extra time at all. Huffle parked the car in a place that had just three spaces left. We were right on the beach at The Beaches for the Buskerfest in the nearby park.

We started by having a quick look around the park and Smallest had a photo taken with Guiseppe the pizza man and received a toy Guiseppe while the other two queued up for a sample slice of his pizza. Then we walked through a lovely part where houses in lots of rows all had well maintained little gardens. We were very impressed and it was so quiet considering it was so close to the city and the hustle and bustle of The Beaches. We opted for dinner in a pub and managed to watch the end of the England game and some of the Blue Jays game while we ate.

We carried on walking through the bustling streets until we reached Eds Scoops, a very good Gelato Shop. We had to wall quite a way but we knew it was worth it and sat inside in the cool to eat as it was still very warm outside.

BL: man with dreadlocks down to his feet (and Guiseppe looking on)

On the walk back we walked along the boardwalk, caught a few Pokemon, watched the passers-by and enjoyed the shade of the trees and the twinkling of the sun on the lake. It really does have a very nice feel about it down there.

Eventually we got back to the Buskerfest and were welcomed in by the effervescent volunteers trying to collect money for Epilepsy. Smallest and I had already donated and had our stickers on so we got whooped at for coming back. We started watching the Mexican acrobat who we saw a bit of first thing. We missed most of his show but he seemed very good, especially at hanging upside down on a pole and travelling around in a huge hoop.

We watched a magician who was very good with coins and elastic bands and Huffle bought us Churros to eat whilst listening to the Latino duo sat under the shade of a tree. These were excellent. We tried to see what was going on at the main stage but we only caught the end (him asking for money) so we sat on the bank, enjoyed the paintings and watched people.

There were different acts, stalls and food trucks all around and something to see at all times. We came across a singing Irish sounding duo, singing and playing music but once again only caught the end of their act. Then we watched The Budapest Marionettes. Smallest really enjoyed this but I found it a bit boring. I was put off because he told us to come and sit closer but we were trying to get some shade and when I told him it was too hot, he tried to tell us it was nearly the end of Summer. Does that matter? We watched most of his act and then we wandered off to watch a Jazz band which was really good.

TL: small listening to the bees

Our favourite act of the day was Victor from Argentina. A football juggling entertainer who was very funny and very skillful with the footballs. We voted for him as the People's Choice favourite act.

The boys sampled another small piece of pizza (no vegetarian pizza today) and we watched the end of another band before making our weary way to Tim Hortons, a sit on the bench watching the beach volleyball and a toasted bagel. We had a a lot of stares though we don't know why and a little Chinese boy threw a piece of screwed up paper at Smallest's feet. I yelled 'oi' and the mother looked at me and nearly walked on, then came back, picked up the paper and told the boy off. Minutes later the whole family came back and the boy stood in front of us and said sorry (not sure he meant it but at least the parents made him say it). Both parents were very apologetic. See Huffle we can change the World, one person at a time.

The journey back wasn't too bad but it was 9pm by the time we got home to find more pears from Yoda and a recipe for Pear Jam. Awwww that's nice.

We walked over 11km's today in all and did nearly 15,000 steps. Before we got back to go on the car Smallest turned to me and said "I've had a really fun day today thank you". Perfect, that's all we ask. Me too.


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