Monday, 12 September 2016

It's an angel not a duck!

Well, Maurice, the lady bus driver (I wonder if her name is Doris?) arrived slightly later but not quite the five minutes she promised. The boys said they only had to sit on the bus for a minute before they were allowed out so I guess that's better. Smallest said he did something called DI and when I asked what that was he said I had to ask Small. I can't remember now either but it's something to with a group of people of are chosen to do creative things over and above normal work. Smallest is very creative so we'll see if he goes for it or not.

I took a photo for Mrs Chappo of the boys and the bus

After the boys went to school and Huffle disappeared in the basement, I signed the kids up for basketball courses again and tried to book my car in for an emissions test. We don't have MOT's here but every now and then you get called to get an emissions test done on your car before you can register for a new licence plate renewal sticker (I suppose that's like a vehicle tax). I called the Tire because that's where I got it done before and got put on hold. After listening to two whole songs and being put on hold again for another song, I hung up. I called again later and had to listen to three songs this time. I wouldn't mind but they weren't even good songs, they were dated rubbish! When my call was picked up again by the person putting me on hold I said "three songs, three songs I've been waiting". I'm not sure she understood what I was saying but I think she got the message and half a song later I got put through and spoke to a very apologetic lady who booked my car in for the afternoon.

Late morning I went over to Suffolks house and we went for an impromptu browse around some shops (she still has no car) looking for shoe solutions. Our shoe collection is ridiculous and not at all under control (to be fair, she has the same issues) and I'm not sure there is a perfect solution. All I can think is that if I make the Sun Room nice, with a proper place to put shoes, then maybe the whole house will want to keep it nice. We have the luxury of having a room to throw all kinds of cr@p into but it doesn't look very nice. Plus it has our recycling in and I don't know where to put that (another problem for another day). We had a look at lots of different things and then decided we would have a look in the new Mini IKEA (much smaller than a normal one with the ability to buy everything the big one has to offer but at a delivery price obviously) that has popped up close by. I think we are going to do that on Wednesday. Today we were very 'Canadian' walking around with our travel mugs (though Canadians generally drink coffee, Suffolk had tea and I had a hot lemon and honey - very nice).

She fed me lunch and then I drove straight to The Tire and dropped my car and keys off with them and went for a shop in the supermarket next door. Of course, I forgot to take my bags with me and had to have their carrier bags and then I stupidly had to carry them all because I didn't have a car to out them in DOH! I dragged them back to The Tire, put them in a trolley and bought some paint for Huffle who wants to paint the outside of the Sun Room (the only part of the house that isn't covered in weatherboard). My car passed its emissions test and the results get sent straight to the Government so I don't have to do anything but renew now (which Huffle has done for me already).

Back home we put the shopping away and I sat on the porch waiting for the kids to come home. DonNoQuotey still has his garage sale on and people have been nosing in and a couple of people have bought things. I went across to look at an old Fire Hydrant he had and Huffle said to pay no more than $5. I couldn't believe he was selling it for $180!!!!!!!!! Apparently it is a 1940/50's one and he paid $200. WHAT?! He told me he was an atheist and believed in Aliens and that he has been reading all about crop circles in Wiltshire. Ummmmmm I see! Later he sat on the porch and played his guitar and sang. Lovely to be serenaded while we all played basketball and Smallest and Huffle played Cricket.

The temperature was better today. Still nice and warm but that stickiness has gone.


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