Thursday, 22 September 2016

Mysterious Miscanthus

First day of Autumn (Fall) today. Can't say you could tell as it was scorching hot and humid again.

Smallest had a school football practice today and he came home confident that he might well get in the team. He scored five goals and had three assists. Excellent. Then later he told Huffle the other team were girls and Huffle told him that of course he should win against girls. Honestly!!! He should find out tomorrow.

Both boys came home armed with lots of paperwork regarding the selling of subscriptions of magazines. This happens every year and every year I get annoyed. They expect the kids to sell to family and friends in order to raise money for the school (which they don't know what for) and of course profit the magazine companies. They in turn get piddly little gifts which are worth little if anything. Not only do they get the kids selling for them but they also spend half an hour of lesson time (Smallest missed out on music) to explain what they should do it. Ridiculous! The kids told us that lasts years efforts raised enough money to adopt an elephant but later they decided that was something else. All paperwork has been put in the recycling. What a waste of time and paper!

I went off to TheRoyals for a morning of gardening. I wasn't feeling 100% today but I still worked hard, digging, weeding and deadheading. I came home with some Miscanthus Giganticus for Huffle and another plant I can't remember the name of. Small had one of the Miscanthus for his garden and the spot he chose was right in the middle of the bed which looks very random. We put the other piece over by the fence which again looks quite random as there is no garden there yet but hopefully if it takes it will look okay in time.

Huffle wasn't feeling too good today either. We are both tired and lethargic, headachey with sore throats.

The jewellers (the one who has my eternity ring where the diamond fell out while they were cleaning it) called today to say my ring was ready for pick up. Hurrah. I still haven't heard from my Engagement Ring jewellers (which should have been ready on Tuesday!). Last week, Huffle ordered us a newTumble Dryer online and we should have got a call about delivery this week (nothing yet). Apparently our order was a non-standard item and therefore not available as quickly as normal, although they have taken our money.

After lunch, I went food shopping. I hadn't got much in my trolley and a woman stopped me and said "you've got a large family?" OH MASSIVE! I was shopping for Grandma and Grandads visit too but really!? At the checkout I asked for $60 cash back as it costs less to get it at the checkout than it does from the hole-in-wall and more convenient. I was busy packing my bags and left the shop before I realised I never got my money. Not wanting to leave my food, I quickly put the bags in the car spotted and my cashier trying to go home. I asked her if she had served me (I'd only just left) and she seemed confused whether she had or not. I told her I didn't get my cash back and she looked at my receipt and ran off with it. She came back with my money and said 'lucky you saw me becuase I know I didn't give it to you'. I don't think it was shady but I must be more careful in future.

I got a bit of time with a cup of tea before the kids came home. After dinner, the boys played with Huffle on FIFA and I had a bit of peace listening to the Geese flying and the squirrels twittering.

Smallest and I continued with reading Roald Dahls The Boy. It is very interesting. We also played Mancala which he now beats me at everytime!!!


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