Monday, 19 September 2016

My dog likes an audience*

A grasshopper on our Impatiens
A grasshopper on our Impatiens Niamniamensis

I kept Smallest off school today though he met me with a big cheeky grin and informed me he hadn't been coughing and his throat wasn't sore. I asked if he wanted to go to school and he looked at me with big doleful eyes. Small was jealous and said he was faking. My main reason was to let him rest and not be receiving any extra germs while his immune system was low. I think it did him good though I had to give him a lot of attention.

We started with a couple of games of Squarrels, completed two jigsaws, played on tablets and Factimed Grandma. He watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at lunchtime and then we went for a walk, rolling apples down the road and talking to the dogs. We worked out you can peel an apple just by kicking it down the road, though it did end up as a squishy mess by the time we finished. It was nice and reminded me of a time before he was at school full time. The barking is much less, he hasn't been hot or feverish and his sore throat is gone. Hopefully he will be back at school tomorrow but we will see how he is in the morning.

Smallest trying to catch a grasshopper

I decided I would clean the front outside of the house today. It was a tough job. I swept the porch (and then Huffle cut the hedge all over the porch grrrrrrrr), cleaned the doors, the windows, even took the mesh out of the windows and cleaned inside there and then also cleaned the shutters. I now have to do the rest of the house but that took me four years so I won't hurry. Huffle did some more tree cutting and weeded the path at the front too. Anyone would think we were having a visit soon!

After our walk I harvested a load of beetroot and made a Beetroot Chutney with apples and cranberries in. I don't know if I have had a chutney before but it was yummy. I made four and a half jars which are supposed to last a couple of months. When Small came home he popped to the Beer Store for Vinegar as his chore.

I made dinner while the boys had their piano lessons. Small has progressed onto the Adult book now.


*The words a man used when his dog stopped to poo on our grass. He laughed as if it was funny and then made a few jokes. We think he was masking his embarrassment.


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