Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Is there something in your pocket for me Peter?*

I don't think I mentioned yesterday (probably because I wrote the blog at 1am) that the kids started back with their piano lessons. They are both working through their scales and a couple of new pieces. It's nice to hear the tinkling of piano while I make dinner. I missed it.

I also never mentioned that poor Small did not win a prize in his reading challenge. What a shame. I wish they would give more incentive to those that read constantly. I realise its difficult to please everyone but....................

It was one of those nights last night where sleep just does not come. I came downstairs twice, once around midnight and then again around 2am. I undid all the bad bits of my knitting where I wasn't concentrating and then reknit them. Because I didn't sleep, that meant Huffle didn't sleep properly either. Two tired bunnies this morning.

MrBasement arrived at 8am for a fix on our shower (we picked up the wrong part and Huffle had to scoot out to get another one), fix new ceiling fans for the boys and new lighting in the basement. MrBasement called a shop to check they had the part and 'Peter' put it in his pocket. Huffle was to go in and ask for whatever was in his pocket. He didn't because it did sound a little dodgy, but we had a good laugh thinking he might!

The boys went to school and I picked up Small mid morning for a hospital appointment for the Genereal Surgery Consultant to look at the bobble on his foot. We got there and found the parking spaces were only for 15minutes which was no good as we were fifteen minutes early. We were told to go to the main car park where you had to pay but the place did validate our ticket and we ended up only paying $2. Good job! We sat waiting for quite a while and eventually got to see our Consultant. He looked at Small's bobble and then went away to check the ultra sound. He said he had no idea what it was but that he was sure it was not sinister or bad. It could be a cyst, it could be scar tissue from when he stepped on a nail or it could be a nodule Plantaar Faciitis which he thought it probably wasn't. He gave Small two choices. 1. Have the bobble removed which would be easy or, 2. Take a photo and come back in two months to see if it had changed. We chose to come back. He went to get his phone to take a photo and said "don't worry the photo doesn't stay on my phone, it goes straight onto your file". IF YOU WANT A PHOTO OF HIS FOOT THEN YOU GO FOR IT! I said. He explained that sometimes he took more private photos and so he had to say where they went. Fair enough. I got Small back to school just in time for lunchtime. He did not want to miss his music lesson so was pleased he was back in time.

This afternoon we Facetimed Moo while we had lunch and then I set about clearing the sun room. I sorted all the shoes and made a pile of ones to try on (mainly the kids), ones to throw away and ones to put away for next Summer (not that I have put the summer shoes away yet, still hot here). I moved stuff around and made it a bit nicer in there. Don't worry Grandma, I didn't clean the windows, I wouldn't want to take your favourite job away from you.

Huffle tidied the mess MrBasement left, as he broke a few of the old fluorescent bulbs, and did lots of hoovering (Huffle not MrB) The lights haven't been finished as MrBasmeent needs to come back next week with some extra wire.

Huffle and I left the kids at home and went off to Meet the Teacher night. We first encountered the Secretary who asked me if I had planted a flower in their garden. NO of course not. She did not believe me and made me promise (but still didn't believe me). Later I saw Smallest's teacher from last year and he asked me the name of the new plant - Brugmansia I thought - and then asked if I had planted it. He also didn't believe me, and then one other teacher came and asked me. I have never planted anything in that garden - strange!

Next we met Small's teacher who is the same as last year. We asked him about his reports and he said he didn't think he was at all average and worked hard and was very self motivated. MrsBaggies was next who takes him for Geography. She was happy too. We went in search of Smallest's teachers and found the two main ones together. Neither were concerned about him and said he was very enthusiastic about everything. I said I would like to keep him like that as Small lost it somewhere around the same age. We met the Principal who said he was the best soccer player there and he never ever stopped playing. She worries about him and often sends him in for water.

Overall it was a good visit. I know they have only been there for one week but it's still nice to know the teachers are happy. Smallest's desk was surprisingly tidy. I wonder if he did it because we were going??

The boys are loving their new fans and it's much better than the stand up ones they were using previously.

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