Sunday, 18 September 2016

Diamonds are forever.......... Or not

Smallest got through the night without too much coughing but woke everyone up this morning, bark bark barking at 7am. Huffle checked on him and came back to bed for us to then stay awake because the field close by was being used as a landing strip for the Canada Geese, who are seemingly practicing their maneuvers for migrating south this Winter. On top of that, the crows started caw cawing. No cyclists, runners or cars today. Anyway we decided to get up thinking that we would be off to the Walk-In clinic with Smallest and his barking but we sat on the porch (after making him a soothing hot lemon and honey drink) and looked up the symptoms and treatments for Croup. This is where we found that there wasn't really any treatment unless his breathing became compromised like last time and then it's nebuliser and steroid time. We also found the Croup symptoms can also be mistaken for allergies. Hence we dosed him up on pain killers for his throat, nasal spray, eye drops and antihistamine for his allergies (ragweed is a big one this time of year but all reports say it's low).

After breakfast and a quick game of Stack Em up by me and Smallest, the boys all watched the Stoke game. I sat upstairs and watched TV while I knitted.

Late morning we all drove to Port Perry for the Chilli Festival. This is our fourth year. You pay $10 for a mug and a bottle of water and the chance to try eleven different chillis made by the various local establishments. We buy two mugs, one for Huffle and one for the boys to share. At the end, you judge them all. They all voted for the one they thought was the best which was Buffalo meat with Whiskey, Mango and chickpeas as well as the normal ingredients. However they forgot what it was called and actually voted for a different one. As well as all the chilli stands, there were clothes, jewellery, crafts, baked goods and much more. I had a lovely Corn on the cob and then bought a small salad and a scone which I ate whilst the boys queued for their chillis.

I saw a jewellery shop with a stall advertising free cleaning and polishing for all jewellery. I prised my eternity ring off and gave it to them and then I gave them my silver and sapphire ring that belonged to my Grandma and was all bent out of shape. They re-shaped it and polished it and then gave me both rings back. I was just asking where the owner was from (English) and I noticed one of my diamonds was missing from my eternity ring. Apparently it was at the bottom of the cleaning fluid arrrrrggghgggghhhhhhhh. The man offered to send my ring away and get all the diamonds reset (once he finds the one he lost) and he offered to do it complimentary. I'm not having much luck with my rings recently.

Smallest enjoying watching the bouncy castle action

We finished off with our afternoon with a gelato and a sit listening to the band. On the way home we stopped off for drugs for Smallest. More pain killers, antihistamine and Vitamin C sweets and tablets. Smallest was very weary and pale looking but said he felt a bit better when we got home.

Poorly eyes Smallest with his namesake behind

The kids played on the Wii and table football while we sat on the porch and Skyped Grandma. This evening we all caught up with XFactor.


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