Thursday, 15 September 2016

It's nerfpippinpippinpinpinq

The bus came at 8:43am. Maurice's real name is Donna. How did Smallest hear the name Maurice? Well I shall call her Maurice from now on (but possibly write Donna on her Christmas gift). Neither boy went to school on their bikes. Small forgot and then decided it was too cold (temperatures in early 20's) and for Smallest it is more complicated as he has MissMol to look after. We'll see next week.

My garden job was cancelled this morning as there were more pressing matters to attend to at TheRoyals. Instead I had a leisurely breakfast, watched some of Our Girl (BBC - which is now working mainly) and then went out and cleaned the pool with help of Huffle. We broke the vacuum!! I then tackled the side garden. We are having some work done soon on the opening to the Septic Tank and so I moved some precious plants from around there for two reasons. 1 I don't want them trampled during the work and 2 there may not be space for them. So I dug a new part and put them in plus I found a few little lovelies that were hiding under some of the bigger plants. It looks a bit better but we still need to do something with the path. Maybe woodchips or keep on building the brick path!? We haven't decided yet.

Huffle, in the meantime, armed with laptop and phone plugs in ears, chopped the top of the cedars belonging to Otto (he does nothing with them so Huffle is just providing him with more light).

I had a lovely walk around the Hamlet with ClownRose and met the boys off the bus. While we were out we spotted Otto going to pick his daughter up. He was on a skateboard pushing a double buggy. The man is crackers! Small had maths homework which he diligently did without pressure and Smallest asked for a friend to come over (that I then had to pick up). They played happily on the Wii, table tennis and then in his bedroom. They even took a couple of the big trees down to the fire pit (which is getting very big Grandad - oh I forgot he won't be reading this as he is currently sunning himself in Benidorm).

After dinner we played a bit of basketball though I couldn't run because I stubbed my little toe and it is really painful. I taped it to the toe next to it and hobbled around. BOOOO!

We all watched Xfactor this evening. There were some terrible singers on!




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