Saturday, 10 September 2016

Disappointing Day

All the boys watched as their team were beaten terribly this morning BOOOO. Then while we were eating dinner in a restaurant, we watched (via text alerts) my team beaten terribly too. BOOOO. However the Blue Jays did win (which in actual fact we would rather they didn't so we can actually GET tickets for the games).

After the Stoke game, we got ourselves together, took a back a book to our library, went out for dinner and then went to our Central Library (much bigger, open every day......) in order for Small to place his ballots for an end of Summer reading prize draw. For every 200 pages he read over the Summer, he wrote a review and received a ballot paper. Today he put all of his ballots in various boxes for a chance at winning different prizes. We were all a bit disappointed with the prizes, I think Small was expecting gadgets and such like. In reality, there were about 50 prizes including caps, tee-shirts, headphones, gift cards, pens, sweets, bags etc etc. To gain one extra ballot paper, the librarian was asking each teen to fill in a survey. The questions were 'how would you improve on the scheme' and 'what programmes would you like to see'. He wrote that there should be regular prizes throughout the summer rather than just one big one at the end. I handed the form to the librarian and she was really snidey asking me what he meant and then telling me it was already in place and the reason we didn't see any prizes was because the Hamlet library was too small and was amalgamated with another library. I'm not sure that's fair! Anyway she asked if he could write something else and he said he 'couldn't be bothered for one ballot paper' which I agreed so when she came back to me I told her he didn't want to write anything. He didn't get another ballot and I felt she was wrong to insist he write something else. Bloomin' jobs worth!

As we were next to the Mall we went in for a cool. Today's temperature was supposed to be 24*, rainy and possibly stormy. It was 30*, incredibly sticky and humid with little rain. I took my engagement ring into the jewellers to see if they could mend it for me as I caught it on something and it is really rough on the inside. The jeweller looked at it and said it was also really worn (17+ years from me wearing it and we didn't buy it new). I have to have a new shank, which means they will cut it and make a new part for it. The only trouble is that they may have to take out the markings in it which show it is made in the UK and the dates h he did write a note to ask if they could save it if possible). He asked if I was ever going to sell it and Huffle said NO! Smallest had a look at the rings and found me a lovely $5,000+ replacement but Huffle walked away. I have left it with them and they are going to send it away, get a quote and call me. It feels wrong to not wear it and it feels wrong to have it cut too!

We wandered around the mall for a while and then braved the outside again and ended up in a Canadian Tire. It's that time of year again where the shelves are full of Halloween stuff (yes already) and the boys played every single musical, noisy thing while Huffle and I looked for glass measuring jugs. We knew exactly where the boys were because of the noise!!!!! On the way home we stopped for gelato and ice cream before coming home and relaxing in the air conditioned house.

We had another weather warning late afternoon/early evening with a Tornado watch which luckily passed under us. Huffle didn't get time to panic because by the time we heard about it, it had gone. Phew.

The kids played on the Wii with their borrowed library games. Tea in front of TV, a film for Huffle and I and bed for all. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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