Friday, 23 September 2016

Half the sparkles are back

It was Small's turn to lie in today. I popped my head round his door and he woke up and grumpily got out of bed. He is so like me - not good first thing. He said he was grumpy that he wouldn't get much time on his tablet but he soon got a move on and was playing on it before school.

I was out at 9am in order to get to work at the garden centre. MrsM is in Ireland on a garden tour so I went in today to help Pat. I wore my normal shorts and sleeveless top but the weather was very cool and even working in the greenhouse it wasn't very warm. Later on I put my cardi on! Autumn is here. We did lots of cuttings of Abutilon aand tradescantia. We had a lovely brownie for coffee break that Jan had left on Wednesday for us. We spent the morning swapping information on which British things to watch.

I had a quick lunch with Huffle before driving off to The Perry to fetch my Eternity Ring and meet up with Suffolk for a cup of tea and a meander round some lovely shops. Now normally Suffolk and I are not good at making decisions, so I text her while I was having my lunch, fully anticipating it would take us both at least ten minutes to decide when and where we were meeting but today she quickly decided to go and was there before I even left the house. I picked up my beautifully clean, shiny and fully diamond filled ring. It is very sparkly. Now I just have to get my engagement ring back and I will have a full compliment again. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents, we tried gluten free vegan cookies and had a calming cup of tea.

Back home I greeted the boys off the bus, helped Smallest with his Maths homework (yes me, I even managed to sort out a maths problem and got Small to confirm it was correct). Smallest will find out on Monday is he is in the school football team.

We had dinner whilst watching TheAvengers Civil War. I read a bit more of Roald Dahl's The Boy to Smallest at bedtime and Small, Huffle and I watched GBBOEXtraSlice.

Small has a very gravelly voice and he thinks he is losing it but I'm wondering if it is starting to break!! Hopefully he isn't coming down with the cough/cold thing that's hanging around.



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