Saturday, 3 September 2016

I got a scarf on my arm

Lazy Saturday morning. Well it wasn't really, it was a very productive morning as Huffle and I decided to sort through the boxes in the basement containing clothes for future Smallest. We managed to go through all of the boxes and sorted them into clothes that fit him now, clothes that will fit him next year and much bigger ones. Most of them are Small's old clothes but now I get given Suffolk's sons and best friends clothes too so we have quite a lot. All boxes are now labelled and all clothes now fitting him were washed and hung on the line.

We got the boys to sort out their school bags and make sure pencils were sharpened and everything was where it should be. Shoes were tried on and a list of things needed was made. The boys had a good gadget play and we had a visits from MrsYoda (she is allergic to sunshine and wears the funniest masks and headgear) from next door with a box of pears from her tree.

After lunch we went out to buy a shower cartridge as it doesn't turn off easily. MrBasment told me what to ask for and I asked the man in Homedepot. We were really surprised when we tried to pay for it and it was free. MrBasment did tell me that it had a lifetime guarantee but I still expected to pay for it. Perfect. Next we went looking for a pair of trainers for Smallest as the ones he said fit him perfectly were actually too big. We went into a couple of places until we found the perfect ones.

Late afternoon we walked along the lake and beach at Frenchmans Bay. It was a lovely temperature, still quite hot in the sun but not too hot. We walked along the trail for a while and found a debit card. We thought the signature was Jerry Huang and we tried to find someone that looked like a Mr Huang. In the end we bought it home and I will take it to the bank when we are next out. We sat on the bench and watched the lake and caught some Pokemon until we decided we were hungry and walked back to the car.

Teaching Huffle about Pokemon, Wind Turbine and Beach
Smallest found a caterpillar
Loons on Sticks and a loon on the railing!

Huffle took us to Fratellis (the place we went to before we saw Florence and the Machine) and we had Calzones. They were lovely. Back home I sorted out some of Small's wardrobe to make way for his newer stuff before he went to bed. The boys watched TV.



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