Saturday, 17 September 2016

Wet frogs

It rained and rained and rained and woke us up before 7am. Then it rained some more. It was a dingy wet day.

We spent the morning watching football (yay Leicester City), playing on tablets, knitting, setting up new Android Box, fighting, being banned from tablets and then walking along to see our local artist, Garfunkel, in a regional studio tour. She opens up her studio/house every year and we always buy a card of one of her prints. The one original I have had my eye on four years now is $1,500. Today, however, Huffle bought me a bigger framed print for my birthday of the original I want, plus a card. We made the boys come with us. Originally they were going to pop in, say Hello Garfunkel, partake in a piece of cake, say Goodbye Grafunkel and walk home and play on the Wii. But they were bad earlier and had a fight so we made Small walk back to take a photo of the prints we already had so we didn't duplicate them and send us a text back. Smallest stayed with us. Huffle went back to get the car as we didn't want to get the print wet.

This afternoon we ordered a pizza and watched The Secret Life of Pets. It made everyone sleepy so I suggested we donned our wellies and waterproofs and went out for a walk. We ended up in the nearby forest and walked for about 45-60 minutes. It was very wet but nice.

Smallest isn't feeling too good. He had the beginnings of a cold and a sore throat this morning and went up for a lie down in his room early evening. Later we all played Squarrels, Stack Em up and Pokemon Yahtzee but Smallest had to lie down on the sofa so we watched The Peanuts movie with him while Small watched his programme in our room.

When Smallest went to bed he was barking like a seal again and we suddenly thought it might be allergies. His eyes are red, he's sneezing, his throat is sore, his nose is running. We dosed him up on antihistamine, pain killers and aloe gelly and will see how he is in the morning. Poor little thing. Just after we went to the hospital as well!

In hindsight, taking him into the forest probably wasn't a good idea!

What a family of feet



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