Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brighter than that torch!

Small has now got a cough but he says his throat is feeling better, though it doesn't sound better. Mine is now really sore and Smallest has the sniffles. Huffle is just tired.

We had a really lazy morning and sat in front of Eddie The Eagle and had our breakfast. This is the second time Smallest and I have seen it but it's still a nice film to watch.

Midday we all went out to the Mall to pick up my engagement ring. It is very shiny, with a beautiful new shank and a well held in diamond that sparkles beautifully. Unfortunately they couldn't keep the stamps and said they were too worn to even see what they were. Never mind I can't imagine I will ever sell it and I asked Small not to bother when I'm gone. My jewellery is now all back and clean HURRAH.

We picked up a new swingball replacement as we broke it last week, Huffle bought me a BlueJays hat for Christmas (put away) and I bought myself a new pair of jeans in the sale. The boys played in BestBuy on the Wii while Huffle took something back and then we all came home and made a start on dinner.

After dinner, the boys played on the Wii while Huffle and I sat on the porch. The temperature is just nice at the moment. We Skyped Grandma and Grandad and relaxed until it was time to take Smallest for his Rep Football Tryout. All of the team were there except for one who has decided to leave (the only one who also lives in The Hamlet and was in Smallest's class until he left for another school). There were five new boys and of them Huffle and I picked out one definite and one maybe. There is another tryout next Sunday and everyone is expected to be there. The good news is that the games were supposed to be miles away near Toronto but Coach said he wanted the team to stay local and so all of the games will be played in the team's home venue. Smallest didn't think any of the new boys were very good (harsh). At the end of the tryouts, Coach gave the existing team medals though they were for participating in last seasons games and he felt they should have been earned.

We left Small at home resting. He sounds awful but says he feels so much better. This evening we all watched XFactor. We have never seen the 'six chairs' before. It was interesting.


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