Tuesday, 20 September 2016

I can't see!

Smallest had a good night and decided he would go back to school today. I sent him off dosed up with painkillers, antihistamine, nasal spray and eye drops plus some Vitamin C sweets for the day. I told him not to overdo things especially at recess and lunch when he plays football with his friends. However, he completely ignored me and practised football with the school team instead. He is hoping to get on the team which plays for four weeks and then has a tournament at the end. He isn't very confident that he will get on the team as he is one of the youngest.

I spent the morning cleaning bathrooms and doing the washing and Huffle painted the front screen door in between calls. The door looks lovely now, very fresh and white and early evening we put it back on and secure it.

Late morning Huffle took me for my annual eye test. I had to have the dilating eyes drops and my eyes are very sensitive to light, therefore I have trouble seeing for a while after (last time it took a whole weekend to get back to normal). My prescription hasn't changed much and I didn't get any new glasses despite the receptionist trying to get me to have a new pair. Most of the cost is covered by insurance so it doesn't matter to them but I can't buy a new pair when I hardly wear the ones I already have. My test was good but I could not focus on anything for the rest of the afternoon and the sun seemed twice as bright today.

I had lunch on the porch and Facetimed Moo for my weekly catch up though I couldn't see her very well and then attempted some knitting which luckily enough was simple so I didn't need full focus. ClownRose and I went for a walk before the kids came home.

I made dinner while the boys played on the Wii and then we all played basketball. Today we learned how to play 21. It was quite complicated and Small won both games. He did tell us the rules though!!!!

The leaves are changing


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