Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Impatiens Niamniamensuurrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

Back to school for those two noisy boys who I have had to entertain for two months (and secretly loved it). They got up early, they made their breakfast, applied suncream, got dressed and were sat playing on their tablets by the time I got up at 7:40am. Wow! Smallest had even made his lunch except for his pudding which he was waiting for me to decide for him, ahhhhh bless.

I got them out of the house ready for the bus at 8:40, took the obligatory first day of school photos and listened while Small explained he got to officially sit at the back of the bus now because he was the oldest (Grade 8, last year of Elementary here). He wasn't too pleased then when the bus turned up and it was a small one! Over here there is a saying about the small bus which is mean and not nice but it is normally reserved for the 'special' students with wheelchair access etc. Obviously not in the case of a small hamlet though! It was also a new driver who, on dropping them off at the end of the school day, took them next door instead. I stood in the garden waving to them as they passed by. Funny. I could hear the driver apologising as she opened the door.

A rare photo of them both sharing the stair to tie their laces, normally one would push the other off or make them sit somewhere else. Their redneck look, to supposedly make me stop taking photos - ha as if! And their small bus!

I had minimal time to myself this morning as I went back to work at the garden centre. Today we had a new lady joining us who wants to learn the Latin names of plants. I told her Latin was easy, you just start the beginning of the word and mumble. It works for me. Jan wasn't there so we didn't get scrummy homemade loveliness but MrsM did buy a gluten free lemon and poppy seed loaf which was nearly as nice. We worked on weeding a small corner of the garden that was planted (by me last year) for its Autumnal beauty. We also cleared the veggie garden of finished vegetables, weeded and watered it and cleared a couple of the paths.

I had lunch with Huffle before he went back to work and I made a start on dinner. I made beef lasagne and vegetable lasagne and Facetimed Moo while finishing it before going out for a walk with ClownRose. It was so hot today, though not the predicted 42*. It was nice to get back to walking and talking. It felt a busy day but was nice to get back to a routine again.

The boys came home full of stories about their day. Small has two main teachers, his normal one (sciencey mathy and the English Brummy lady we like) and has some new kids in his class including a Sri Lankan who plays cricket. He is excited that Smallest's teacher might get a cricket team together. I hear them calling Huffle's coaching name. Smallest has three main teachers, the music teacher who he really likes (not sure if that is because he said he wouldn't give them much homework), the French teacher (who I like and Smallest said he likes learning French but actually only watched a couple of videos though he can now count to ten) and the Art Teacher who none of us like (she knocked the love of school out of Small a few years ago and I can't forgive her for that, plus she doesn't like children). Smallest's class is all of the Grade 5's (the year above him) plus a few of the Grade 4's (only two other boys from his old class and one of them will be moving in December). He says his group of tables is annoying as they are mainly girls - eeeurrrgggh not girls!

After dinner, Huffle and the boys went to Smallest's football practice (the last one this season) and Smallest ran properly and didn't hurt his back so he can now play in his last game. Phew!

I sat on the porch and watched Poldark with a glass of red and then cleared the kitchen. Huffle said it had been very quiet in the house today without us all.


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