Thursday, 27 July 2017

15 Small noodles please

I always check on the boys before I go to bed. Check they are there for one, check they are asleep and maybe turn off their fan or slow it down or open a window if it's too stuffy. Last night when I looked in on Small, he turned to me and said "knock knock". He was fast asleep and started murmuring rubbish. Funny bear. I had a terriblele night's sleep. I felt sick and hot and had awful tummy ache. I had a dream about Small having a huge party which filled the house and had loads of people in it. Smallest decided he wanted to go to Cubs so I called the cub leader who said we needed supplies but by the time I found them, the meeting was over. MrsRumbleskins was there too and she said she could never forgive me for the time I wouldn't stay in her London Flat because I didn't like her Roast Dinner. WOW! What was THAT all about? I felt quite sad when I woke up. I also still felt quite ill for at least half of today but after a nice calming cooling float on a lilo in our pool, I felt so much better. Smallest also had a restless night and also woke with tummy ache and was very hot. I gave him paracetamol and he went back to sleep. He was fine today. The other two are okay so it can't be be something I cooked!

Another very slow morning. Several loads of washing done, dried and sorted and a bit of tidying. Once again we had water in the basement so Huffle called the water heater man who came and looked this afternoon. He had a thorough check and decided the only thing it could be is our pipes that run across the ceiling wet with condensation. This evening we went out and bought foam covers and put them on. This should help. Fingers crossed.

Midday we went to swimming. I was armed with my phone and IPad for stopwatch purposes. Small beat his time for 20 laps in 11.12 minutes. Smallest also beat his time of 16 laps in 13 minutes. Fabulous. More lifesaving and a bit of diving. Half an hour goes so fast. Last one tomorrow and Huffle and I get to go in too and play!

At home we all had lunch and afterwards the kids and I built bird boxes and painted them. I helped Smallest and Small did his by himself. They did a great job. Small's is brown and is going on the barn and Smallest's is green and will go on the posts with the others in the side garden. Small watched The Blue Jays and Smallest and I went in the pool. It was a very cloudy day but quite hot. The pool was only 23* and quite cool but we had a nice time. Small came in too and played and swam by himself while Smallest and I played UNO.

This evening Huffle took us out for dinner.


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