Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Don's at the door

Apparently I snored all night long due to my nose being blocked. Whoops sorry Huffle. When I got up I felt quite rough. Very tired, sore throat still, blocked nose and a head that felt like a steamroller had squashed it. I made Smallest's lunch and then took him to his camp. I came home and had breakfast with Moo and then we went off mid morning for coffee break at work. I couldn't eat much but we had a lovely shortbreadbrownie and MrsM made sure we brought lots back for the kids and Huffle. Yum yum.

It was a very hot humid day today and we left work and pretty much had to pick up Smallest as he was only there for half a day today. We found a sneaky place to park which was really close and will be helpful for the rest of the mornings and pick ups too. He was just having his lunch and he was a red sweaty thing.

Back home we had lunch (well Moo and I didn't) and then we played Newmarket with the boys (Smallest won and I definitely lost). Moo and I played a couple of games of Skip-Bo and put some jacket potatoes in the oven for tea. We sat outside and enjoyed the breeze and I nearly fell asleep.

We all had dinner and then Small and I took Moo to the airport and Huffle took Smallest to his game. The airport run was no problem and we got there in plenty of time. It was very busy at departures but we managed to park right outside of the terminal and check in that we thought Moo wanted. Well that's a first and it's only taken us five years. Mind you, sometimes I go in with her and have a coffee but it was nice to get back before it got dark and although the traffic was bad on the way home, we got home in time for Small to watch the All Stars Baseball which he really wanted to see. Thank you Moo for a lovely visit, see you in December and thank you Small for keeping me company on the way home and making sure I didn't fall asleep! Smallest's game ended at 4-2, the referee was awful and Smallest got a boot in the head but he is okay. I ran him a bath so he could get straight in when he got home.

While we were sitting in the kitchen, Small looked out of the window, saw DonNoQuotey sitting on the porch and asked if he could see us. I told him to wave (thinking he wouldn't be able to see us) and he waved back. Ha ha, we didn't know he could see through our whole house. Arrrggggghhhh.


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