Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Misty Martian

Moo got back okay this morning but did have trouble with the baggage carousel. She is home safe and sound now.

I didn't snore and we all had a good night's sleep. My throats is still sore but I feel so much better. The weather was hot and very humid again today. I took Smallest to his Camp and parked in my new spot which meant we were early. Smallest said that wasn't allowed as we should only be late or on time - we are never EARLY! I drove back home and had my breakfast and caught up on Poldark. MrsRoyal popped by for a quick visit and to bring me Lavender (for calmness!!!).

Photos from the tournament previously

Small (his neck is much better, still sore but more moveable) and I decided to go for a walk (his choice) along the lake towards the Bird Sanctuary. It was very misty over the water and got worse the longer we walked. It was also very hot and sticky and we had to have breaks sitting on the rocks which was breezier than the path. Our walk was cut short by some construction on the trail so we doubled back and had our lunch on some rocks. We ended up with mist all around us and we sat and watched the seagulls diving in the lake for fish. We thought the fish were very silly and not at all camouflaged. They were silvery and you could clearly see them under the water swimming. The birds could too because they were having a huge picnic of them. Eventually we walked back and got into the air conditioned car.

Once home we jumped into the 25* pool. Still cold for me but nice and cooling on the skin. We played bumper cars and hide and seek which apparently I'm not very good at! Back inside Small played on his tablet and I watched a bit more TV with a cuppa.

Late afternoon I drove to pick up Smallest from his camp. Red faced and sweaty, he was looking for his football. The club gave all the boys a ball each and each one looks the same except for their name we wrote on it. At the beginning of the day they are told to take their balls out of their bags (which I think is ridiculous) and Smallest didn't touch his ball but it was still used and it was lost by the end of the practice day. I've seen the kids kick the balls far away and they end up in the long grass or on a different field. We checked everywhere and found three other missing balls but not his so once I got home I sent an email to the administrator and it was found in someone else's bag!

I helped Smallest to run his bath and while I was looking for shower gel, I cut my finger on a razor so there was blood everywhere. Smallest opened the cupboard and the toilet cleaner had fell over so there was blue liquid everywhere and my blood ARRRGGGGGHHH. Smallest went in the bath (which incidentally the tap is dripping and MrBasement has to come tomorrow evening to fix it) and I cleaned up my mess and got Small to put a plaster on my finger. Dinner was made using Huffle's harvest of homegrown peas, beans and courgette. We had omelette, roasted Italian potatoes and corn on the cob.

After dinner the boys played on their tablets together (they're nice when they haven't seen each other all day) and Huffle and I played Catan. It rained early evening and we have huge storms predicted. The air con is on as it is unbearably sticky!

Today's best blooms



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