Sunday, 16 July 2017

Raising the pips

I felt so rough today. Lethargic and a cough that strips my chest. I made pancakes for breakfast but that did me in and I had to sit for ages to get some strength back to do anything else. Goodness knows what this big/virus is but it's not very nice.

Huffle and the kids went off mid morning to pick raspberries and I sat on the porch in the sunshine that soon turned to heavy rain (again) and wound wool and undid some old projects. All the boys went off to get some sugar for jam making and a baguette for lunch plus a few other things we needed.

Everyone had some gadget time, washing was done, beds remade and then we had lunch. After which Huffle and I made raspberry jam. We made two batches and ended up with about twenty jars (some very small but plenty for us to eat and to give away as presents. All the pips rose to the top which was weird but a stir once it is opened should make it okay. Besides this makes for a perfect jam for us because Huffle likes the pips and Small and I don't.

Recipe per batch: 4 cups raspberries. 6.5 cups of sugar. 1 packet of liquid pectin.

This afternoon it rained some more and we had a storm so we played Space Race and then UPSET. The kids watched The Blue Jays and played on their tablets and Huffle decided we were going out for dinner but I didn't fancy it so I stayed at home and made myself a jacket potato and watched TV.

Wishing HB the best of luck for her new job. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Edit: feeling a bit more with it. Maybe the rest did me some good.


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