Friday, 28 July 2017

Bohemian Rapsong

A much better sleep for everyone except poor Huffle who had trouble. He doesn't know why. I think it's because he didn't do any exercise so I made sure we went for a walk later this evening.

I had a dentist appointment first thing. Just a scale and my hygienist today loved my accent and said it was very classy and wanted to talk to me. Not so easy to do with her hand in my mouth. She was very gentle and nice and not at all like the other ones who like to gouge and dig. I came home and played Mastermind and 3D snakes and ladders with Smallest. We are slowly going through all of games to see if we can get rid of the less playable ones as we have so many. Snakes and Ladders and Indiana Jones went today. Off to the Garage Sale pile for next year.

Today's harvest (beans already eaten)

The boys and I cycled to swimming and all got in the lovely warm pool. The boys dived and played off the board with a frisbee and ball while I lay back on a noodle and had a lovely float around until Huffle joined us and we played Water Polo and race the boats. Normally we would have an hour but because the boys are inte same class, we had just the half an hour but it was enough to have fun and mess about. MrsE gave the boys a lovely note saying how well they had done and wished them success in the future, saying that they were a pleasure to teach. She also gave them a badge each from her own supply as she felt they had reached the various levels even though it isn't official. She gave me a chocolate bar for helping with the timing.

Lunch was had and then the boys and I played Pokemon Yahtzee (a keeper) and started playing Lego Creationery but we abondoned it because the boys weren't being very nice to each other. Smallest went into his room to cool off and Small and I went out to play badminton. We lost the last shuttlecock and pulled all the nasty vines off the cedars instead and put them all on the fire pile.

We came in to make Banana Bread and Smallest decided to make Gingerbread (him and Huffle hate bananas). Small got the ingredients and played on his tablet until the cake was due out of the oven and Smallest made the Gingerbread with a bit of help from me. Both taste yummy.

After dinner we left Small home alone and went to Smallest's football practice. We walked for about four thousand steps and then sat and watched the practice. Apparently the coach is not happy with any of the teams and is planning on switching the teams around. That will be interesting to see.

Photo from our walk

So apparently I am now an official Soccer Mom. Yes I said Soccer and yes I said Mom. The reason? Today I received my tee-shirt from Smallest's football club. I had to buy it. I am not modelling it because I don't like it and I felt obliged to buy it because all the mums were buying one and it was to raise money for the 'boys'.


Loveliness in our garden this evening


Fabulous sunset


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