Saturday, 1 July 2017

The red noses are in their satchels

HAPPY CANADA DAY. HAPPY CANADA 150. Today is Canada's 150th birthday. Wow, she's a baby!

When the house is hot from a lot of sun and not much air coming through the windows, it makes walking very noisy. Not sure if it's the floor or our hot feet but Huffle woke me getting up in the night and I woke him when I got up this morning. And there is nothing we can do about it.

When I got up Smallest was watching Tv and I went to sit outside with my cup of hot water. He joined me and we payed carcasonne online together. Then Moo joined us and everyone had breakfast. I asked if the boys wanted pancakes but they said no. A strange response but I soon realised that they didn't want to get up and help so we all had our own breakfast. Maybe pancakes tomorrow.

We had intended to have a slow morning and go out later to the Strawberry Festival but when we looked at the weather forecast, we chose to go out early to avoid the badness. The Strawberry Festival was in our local town and normally the Main Street is closed and the stalls line both sides. However this year they decided to only have the classic cars on the street and the rest of the stalls, food and fair was on the park. We normally come away with lots of freebies and today we managed two bird boxes to make (they ran out of nails so we had to bring it home unmade), several recycled shopping bags, two plastic slinkies, a seed (could be a bean or a radish), tattoos (temporary), magnets, sticky shopping list and bag clips plus a couple of sweets and popcorn. Huffle bought a Blueberry Struedel. It was quite hot and humid and we walked round for a couple of hours until we were ready for dinner. A man tried to sell a Medieval night to Smallest but got stuck in his speech when he said "do you like Knights" and Smallest shouted "NO!". We could have got a load of walking sticks but we walked away when we realised it came with a preach about religion.

Strawberry shaped cookie that he made into a Stoke cookie!

We had a vote and the majority wanted fish and chips so that's where we headed. The shop was shut (for Canada Day) and we didn't really know where to go as we weren't near anything we liked. So we went for our favourite pizza place and had Calzones. Yum yum (that's tomorrow's lunch sorted too as we always bring some home). As we were near the lake we parked up and went for a very small walk. We interrupted some celebrations but we think they were just finishing. We walked a bit but it was too humid and dark clouds were forming so we hurried back to the car (well Huffle hurried, Moo and I wanted to see the lightning on the CN tower but it was too misty). We saw a tent which boasted 'Isl@micCircus' and Huffle thought that might be amusing but it turned out to be an Isl@micCircle instead and we left quickly.

We came back home for a cuppa on the porch while the boys played on their tablets. Then we played Stop The Bus (card game) - I won. hurrah. Moo and the boys played badminton and Huffle got the telescope out to look at the moon. Despite it still being light we could see it faintly plus the craters.


This evening when the boys were tucked up in bed, we watched Now you see me2. Very good. Better perhaps than the first one. There were huge firework displays going off around us which sounded like rumbles of thunder but we knew it was fireworks because of Canada Day. We got to look at the moon again and this time it was really clear, almost chalk looking and we could see the craters so clearly.

As we went to bed we could hear a party going on. I heard DepecheMode, Queen and BonyM. Wow, up-to-date for Canada!

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