Friday, 14 July 2017

Hey bogie nose

The last day of Smallest's Football Camp and he went off in a mood. His football boots hadn't dried from the day before and he had to wear his old ones. Too small and pinched his toes despite the fact that he only told us at the weekend that they were getting too small!!! He thought he had forgotten his water and had to spend the whole day drinking from the huge canister tap (I had put it in his bag and he was obviously too silly to see it). His bruises, bangs, cuts and sores were annoying him too. Plus to top it all he was very very tired and a little bit irritable. However he had a good time and now he can rest for a while until his next practice on Monday or failing that, his game on Tuesday. I put his football boots, almost dried and full of newspaper, on the line in the sunshine and then the rain came heavily down and we had to start again.

Huffle worked for half a day so that he could spend the afternoon with Small and I. We were supposed to go golfing but the weather report looked dubious and we wondered if we would fit it in the short space between lunch and picking up Smallest.

Small decided to spend the morning playing on his tablet and Xbox after he helped me with the dishwasher and picking up my weeds and transporting them to compost corner. I got to weed the front of the bed and dig it a little. Looks better but I really need to do a proper job soon. Too hot humid today and loads of skeeters (a new word I learned for mosquitoes). I got several bites today. I seem to have got much better with bites these days, except the horse fly that bit me on my waist and it swelled to the size of a tennis ball (flat not round like a ball obviously).

I used the morning to sweep and swiff and mop the downstairs and while I was sitting on the porch waiting for the floors to dry, I had a visit from a very nice polite Jehovah. He invited me to a convention (I was hoping it was comicon or something interesting but it wasn't). I told him there was no religion in our house and he said he could understand that in today's World. He asked if I was brought up in a Christian religion and I told him I wasn't brought up with religion at all really. He said as long as I was happy that was all that mattered and that he himself followed the bible and then he walked away wishing me a good rest of the day.

This afternoon we went off to Uxbridge and played several full and one half game of Cosmic Five Pin Bowling. Not an easy game in the dark, with a smaller than usual ball with no holes in it. The ball always causes friction on one or more of my fingers and makes them sore. I wrapped a tissue around one finger to see if that would help but I threw it down the alley with the ball. Huffle won all games and I either lost or came second. Small And I were inconsistent bowlers.

Next we tried two games of pool. This was fun but I am very out of practice. I used to be quite good but I've lost it. Small found it hard but his long legs helped when he had to straddle the table. We all enjoyed it.

On the way home we picked up baguette for garlic bread later and pizza dough for dinner. It was horrible dough and I much prefer our own. In fact the shop we went in to boasts Fresh Market style food but the strawberries were mouldy, the onions soft and the dough made really thin pizza (but that could be me because I rolled it out).

Huffle went to pick up Smallest And after his bath, we all had dinner and watched half of a Harry Potter. Huffle and I were starting to fall asleep. I have developed a cold. I still have my sore throat but now I have a cold and a blocked nose, a sometimes runny nose and my sinus' hurt, as does my head. BOOOOOO rubbish! I can't stop sneezing and Small is sneezing too. I think it's those nasty bowling shoes and balls!

Smallest, Huffle and I played Stop The Bus and Huffle and I played Catan Online while waiting for Smallest to get ready for bed. Small watched The Blue Jays.



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