Sunday, 30 July 2017

Open House

Another disturbed night due to three men singing or attempting to sing until around 1am. Huffle thinks it was Otto, DonNoQuotey and either doofus from the other side of the tracks or PrinceRoyal. I was so tired I managed to sleep through it all. Another early wake up call from our lovely neighbours making a huge house out of a tiny one.

We were pleased we did both festivals yesterday as we were all tired and weary. We spent the morning playing table tennis (Smallest beat me twice and had two very close games with Huffle), a bit of cleaning and sorting, playing on tablets and breakfasting (not in that order).

Very late morning, Huffle took Smallest to his academy practice. It was very hot and humid and he worked very hard. Huffle's phone went crazy because it was so hot! Small and I stayed at home and played Disney Monopoly. He won but only because I had the card that charged me for houses and hotels and I had to pay $1,150 which was everything I owned. From then on it went downhill.

Before the other two came home we made pizza (had to use up stuff from the freezer as we have a leak and we had to fit everything into our tiny kitchen freezer plus the cool box. Anything in the cool box has to be eaten. That also meant we had to eat muffins and pastries for tea and breakfast)!

Today was the Open House sale for DonNoQuoteys house so it was interesting to see the comings and goings of people. Normally, house viewings here are not with the owner and the owner normally goes out, moves their car off the drive and you never see them. Not even when you sell. Not DonNoQuotey. Why give people the pleasure of viewing a house in peace when you can have the nutty owner there putting you off looking? No SOLD sign yet!

This afternoon we spent our time in the pool. Swimming, catching, floating, hide and seek, tig and bumper cars. We even managed a few games of Monopoly Deal and pulled a few weeds whilst picking beans and courgettes. Huffle and I picked some raspberries too and the boys had them thrown up and over the trellis where they caught them in the water and ate them. Ahhhh that's how we get Small to eat fruit, treat him like a sea lion! We stayed at the pool until past 6pm and then we ushered the kids inside for showers so we could chlorinate and test the water. The pH is still very high. Both boys had trouble with their toes again but they have been in the water for a long time today!

This evening we had tea, watched TV and played on tablets. Tired now zzzzzzzzzzz


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