Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Huffle took this photo of a butterfly

That bloody man next door woke me at 6:30qm messing around in the garden with his piles of useless stuff! I couldn't get back to sleep and had to get up. As I opened the bedroom door, Smallest appeared out of his room. I sat at the kitchen table and he watched something on Tv that I deemed inappropriate for him when I heard the dialogue. Something about why does a woman have b00bs? So you have something to look at when she speaks. It was said several times and I said I didn't want him thinking that was an acceptable thing to say. He informed me only a stupid person would think it's ok to say that and he would never!!!! Anyway, we decided he wasnt going to watch it for a while.

After breakfast we decided to go and play tennis. We drove as it was another really hot day. Mainly 28* with no clouds and no breeze. It was hard work no we played for about an hour and a half. I don't know if everyone was tired or too hot but tempers seemed frayed. The boys helped Huffle patch repair the pool as it was leaking huge amounts of water. They had a great system. Huffle would take the glued patch under the water and stick it over the hole with Smallest standing on his back to stop him floating up and after five seconds Small would take over and hold the patch with Smallest standing on his back for five seconds. They did this over and over again until the patch was stuck. The pool was left for the rest of the day to see if it had worked. Unfortunately it hadn't and Huffle thinks they need to re patch the middle of the hole again.

BL: the ball got stuck in my racket when I tried to hit it! That's never happened before

Moo and I went off to join the knitters for lunch. ShopKeeperEl got the time wrong and arrived an hour before anyone else so she had almost finished her lunch by the time the rest of us got there. We had a nice long sit outside in the shade of a huge tree, chatting and eating.

A quick game of badminton before we got ready
It occurred to me today that I have posted lots of photos of the barn in snow but never in sunshine. So here it is.

We came home and had a game of Skip-Bo before getting ready for our evening out with ClownRose. She picked us up at 5:30 ish and drove us to Toronto. The traffic was horrendous and took us forever. We parked the car and went off to get food. We had already decided we were going to a local Indian. It looked very basic inside but had good reviews and was quick. It was a Roti House so we got a Roti (flat Indian bread a bit like a wrap) with curry inside. We chose an eggplant one, a chickpea one and a spinach. We chose rice with the spinach one but I wish we hadn't. It was very green and runny looking and reminded me of the first p00 from a baby. We asked for mild but Moo and I found it very spicy and struggled to eat it. We bought half of each dish home as we had to get back to the theatre for a Fringe performance that ClownRose's best friend was in.

It was in a small theatre and was about a Motel Room, a couple having an affair, and a murder. It was very dramatic and CR's friend was really good. Her parents are English and we had a good chat after the show outside.

We had a long drive home and a late night. The door was locked and we had no key but I knew Huffle's phone was left on so I text him a 'knock knock' and he came and opened it for us.

Today's beauties

While we were away, all the boys went to Home Depot and took back all the tiles we didn't use and got a refund. Then they all went and played mini golf. (Crazy golf).



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