Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Otto's got a boat dude!*

I had a terrible night's, mainly due to the heat and partly to do with wrenching my shoulder yesterday though I can't remember how or what I did. At 5am I went downstairs to take some painkillers and I discovered it is a magical time to be up. Just starting to get light, birds waking, plus I noticed that our solar lights stay on from disk till dawn. Magical! I got back to sleep and then woke at 9am thinking I could stay and lounge in bed all morning if I wanted to. Except that I should have been at work and the kids should have been with me. Eeekkkk.

I managed a quick slice of toast and a sip of coffee before I was dressed and out of the door leaving the boys behind as they were still eating breakfast. It was quite hot today and the mosquitoes were in abundance causing us to retreat inside as MrsM and I were getting bitten too much (we share the same blood type and our blood is delicious). MrsM was telling us the story about how she had a Lily named after her called the MarjorieMasonHogue Lily. She got to choose the colour (based on the colour of the signage and uniforms) she wanted and there was vigorous testing and growing and selecting which took a total of three years. Finally in 1995, she chose the one. As it was flowering well today, she picked some of the blooms for us to take home as she wanted the boys to see them. We floated them in a glass bowl on our table. Unfortunately they didn't like being floated and didn't last the day but I have a couple of buds so hopefully they will bloom soon. We had a very long coffee break with Blueberry Muffins with a Struesl topping. I got to bring some home for us all too for later. Not a lot of gardening was done today but I did pick off a lot of snails rom the cabbages which have been absolutely ravaged.

I had to come home early so I could get the boys to swimming but they had already started walking so I picked them up half way. They both had a good session today. Smallest perfected some strokes and Small did 20 laps in 13 minutes (she asked for 20 in 15 minutes so that was good). Small also has to learn how to identify shock, strokes, heart attack and different types of bleeding. She is getting him ready for his Bronze Medallion.

We came home and had lunch. Huffle and I sat on the porch again and the boys watched TV in the cool of the air con which is still on. It was another hot and humid day. This afternoon the boys just wanted to play on the Wii so I FaceTimed Moo, folded washing and chatted. I tried to harvest some vegetables from our own garden today but the mosquitoes were just too much. I will have to go out tomorrow fully covered so they can't get me! However, there is still much to see in the garden. So many beautiful blooms at the moment!

Loving the combination of clematis and stJohnswort
Some veggies
Gorgeous Dahlias and rudbeckia
Beautiful echinacea and a lovely delicate knapweed
My Mothers Ay violas are loving the weather


I slowly made dinner whilst watching a Live in Italy Facebook Jamiroquai concert. Who could ask for more? (Apart from being there in person).

This evening we all went to Smallest's football game where his team played the other team from his club (some would say the better team though we are told the teams are not loaded at all ahem ahem). Smallest's team lost 4-2. Smallest, as usual, played very well. Enough said!

DonNoQuoteys house is now officially on the market with an agent. You can see it online but funnily enough there are no photos of the inside apart from a door knob, some cornicing, a doorbell and some plants outside. Ummm, interesting! Also the price has gone down from what he originally wanted.

Otto seems to have acquired a boat. There is much speculation as to what he is doing with it. Living on it? Selling it? Taking it on holiday? Burning it? Yes probably burning it the dufus!

Small's neck is still sore but getting better. Bruises and toe are healing well. Smallest is feeling very well. Huffle's bite is better and he is feeling well. I am feeling much better but still have a cough and sore throat.


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