Thursday, 6 July 2017

No swimming for Nigel

A beautiful summer day with temperatures of 27*. So nice we decided to go to the beach after breakfast. Moo made some sandwiches, the boys collected chairs, buckets, spades and parasols and I packed up the cool box with some strawberries, a couple of treats and drinks. Fully suncreamed and hatted, we headed off about 10:30. The journey to Cobourg is around 75 minutes along a highway mainly, so not pretty but fairly straight and fast moving. We left Huffle behind working and painting the bathroom.

Cobourg is a big wide beach normally with shallow water and is lifeguarded with a caravan (trailer) park attached so plenty of facilities. Because of all the recent rain we have had, Lake Ontario is very high and the beach is half it's normal size. It was quite busy but we managed to position ourselves next to the water with enough space around us not to have to listen to the conversations around. Parking by the lake was $2 an hour so I left Moo and the kids and most of our stuff and drove to find a better place to park. I found a free three hour one and walked five minutes back to the beach where I found the boys were already in the water.

Lock on the river

It was incredibly shallow and the boys were able to go in very far without it being too deep. They still managed to swim and Smallest did lots of somersaults and twisty turns. They also played ball and swam together nicely. See they do like each other.

Moo and I got to paddle up to our thighs, relax on the beach, drink coffee and read. We did have a few people encroach a little on our space but it wasn't too bad and it gave us plenty of entertainment. The sand was very wet and made a good sand castle building material. Smallest and I built a fort with a moat which he filled with water which stayed for the whole time we were there.

After three hours I moved the car, after we had a consensus that we all wanted to stay for another hour, and parked it near the lake. We played Jackers (boules) for the last part of our stay. We had a good time and Moo finally felt like she was on holiday. I'm glad we made the most of it because there are storms due again tonight and bad crazy wet weather on the way.

It was a busy drive home in rush hour but we did it in an hour and a half. Huffle was waiting to take us for dinner when we got back and we tried a local pub first which was too busy and ended up in the local burger place instead. Lovely (though Moo has been there twice this visit already).

After we had a good clear up and tidy at home, the boys played on their tablets and watched the baseball and Moo and I sat on the porch, fighting off the mosquitoes and drinking beer/wine.

Lovely day.


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