Sunday, 2 July 2017

"Say Thank You!"

Definitely pancakes for breakfast this morning. Moo was on fruit duty but there were complaints of rustic cutting and not the usual thin slicing we are used to. No-one really knew what to do with themselves this morning and after Huffle and I went to check on the pool and consequently vacuumed it (first time it worked as it should), we all ended up round the pool and the boys all went in. Moo and I were not convinced it was quite warm enough (22*) and then the clouds came over and it spittled with rain so we abondoned it and came inside.

Noodle wars and Jumping in
Some LiloBanter and snorkelling

For dinner we drove to The Perry for Fish and Chips (seeing as we missed out yesterday). We had very nice chips and Huffle's mushy peas were excellent (he said) but the fish was a bit meh! It rained heavily while we were in there so we waited till it passed and then we had a wander around the town and by the lakeside. There were lots of curious people to watch today. Lots of fishermen/women too. It started to rain again so after sheltering under the canopies and a quick hello to MrsM who was working there today. We drove to the supermarkets looking for fruit sugar and pectin. (We are thinking about strawberry picking tomorrow) and we want to be prepared for jam making.

At home we played several games of Stop The Bus and had an ice cream. Moo and I sat on the porch enjoying the early evening sunshine. With no warning, we had huge crashes of thunder and fork lightning. We counted that it was about six miles away and I left Moo mesmerised by the storm. When Moo came in to tell me that DonNoQuotey was standing in his dressing gown, clapping at the lightning, we had to stop and watch him. What a Wally! It wasn't long before an intense storm happened. The wind suddenly picked up from nowhere, trees were bending and Moo ran upstairs to close the windows. Tap the photo below to see the video:-


The whooop in the background is Moo asking for help as the bathroom was swimming in water, the hail was hitting the windows so hard I thought they were going to break. Huffle and Smallest were in the basement, completely unaware of what was happening upstairs. Small's room was also swimming in water and his curtains were wringing wet and his floor was wet, even his walls and bed. It was horrendous. Once all the mopping up was done we set the washer going with wet yucky towels and bedding and anything else that got hit. All the cushions on the porch got soaked. The washing line had three things on it from the pool earlier and they just got thrown off onto the grass. It was over in about half an hour and the sun came back out. Then we had the severe storm warning which was a bit late really and we half expected another storm.




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