Thursday, 20 July 2017

To swim or not to swim

Breakfast, TV and gadgets for the boys. Work for Huffle. Tidying and TV for me. That was the majority of our morning. Smallest and I played a game of Alhambra where we found out if only 2 people are playing then you introduce an invisible player called Dirk who scores silently but not on the score board. I don't know why but we found this quite funny. Dirk, it seems, is the creator of the game so I guess he has as much right as anyone else to be invisible. Smallest won, easily! Honestly I don't know why I bother playing strategic games with my boys, they always beat me hands down.

About half an hour before swimming was due to start there was a storm with thunder and lightning. MrsE called us to say we wouldn't be swimming in the storm unless passed. It didn't pass in time so we cancelled and had an early lunch instead. MrsE then called us in the middle of lunch and said we could come there and then as the storm had gone. We ummed amd errred and decided to go at the last minute. It meant that we had to abondon lunch and swim with two girls but it was fun. Smallest had to swim eight laps (200m) which he did in just over five minutes which is good. He also had to lifesave his partner and had to be saved by Small. Small had to do 500m in under fifteen minutes which he did despite the fact he had to do all front crawl (he was not happy but he managed 13 minutes). He had to lifesave and be saved.

We had decided to go to the Leisure Centre if they couldn't swim with MrsE today but as they did we changed our plans to tennis at the beach. We drove 30 minutes away and parked at the beach and used their tennis courts. We played for a while and then had a snack and drink on the beach (not that there was one really as again the water is so high). We decided to walk along the beach and try and dodge the water which was easier said than done. I jumped into one of Small's footprints and ended in a pool. Small caught his hat on a low branch and his hat fell into the water. We all got wet feet, but mine were the worst. I ended up paddling because I couldn't get any wetter. We walked back and to the tennis courts again and had a short game but we were all weary so we came home.

Huffle had finished work and was starting to get dinner sorted. The boys decided they were making dinner today. Good job we were having leftovers and things just needed warming.

After dinner we watched the end of Harry Potter and Huffle went off and mowed while Smallest had his Emporor bath and Small anod I played on our tablets. I managed to pull a few weeds before getting bitten and came back inside to settle Smallest in bed (but not before he watched a Shaun the Sheep episode).

This evening Huffle and I watched a 'who do you think you are' with ClareBalding (BBC) We found it very entertaining but only because we were taking the p155 out of it all. Honestly, anyone would think she was gay!!


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