Thursday, 13 July 2017

Hello Peggy

Day 4 of Smallest's Summer Camp. It started out as cloudy and cool and ended up as an afternoon of pure drizzle and torrential rain. We got an email at 3:25 asking if we could pick the boys up as soon as possible as they were cold and wet. I tried to get there earlier but the weather was so bad, the rain was making it impossible to drive at any speed. There was aquaplaning and zero visibility. Then all of a sudden it all just disappeared. The kids, however, were soaking wet through. Smallest's ball had been picked up by another boy after we left yesterday and he returned it today but then Dans ball got lost today. Smallest said he had a good time but it wasn't much fun in the rain. Last day tomorrow. He has hurt feet, bumps, bruises and scrapes and sore chaffed groin. He had a nice long soak in the bath and a hot chocolate to warm him up and sudacream on his sore bits at bedtime.

Huffle worked at the kitchen table and the loft. We only saw him at lunchtime as he was so busy.

I had a nice leisurely breakfast and tried to watch a new series but I had trouble getting into it. I went into Brooklin to pick up a prescription and talk to the dentist receptionist about an estimate we had had from our insurers.

Mid morning, Small and I had every intention of playing tennis but he put me off until late morning because he wanted to do something on his tablet. Off we went in the car in case of rain and just as we arrived at the tennis courts it stared to heavily rain. We sat in the car and played on snapchat for a while (sorry to those that I sent sillies too but it did make us laugh a lot!). In the end we gave up and came home as it didn't seem to be stopping. Instead we played Catan, the Knights and Vikings one. We had to pause playing while we had lunch. Huffle and I introduced Small to Hyperdrive (a series from the late 90's) while we ate.

Huffle returned to work and we continued our game. Small won easily. Afterwards we payed several games of Monopoly Deal and then I went and picked up Smallest and he played on the X-Box.

MrBasement came round today to fix our dripping tap. He needed to fit a new cartridge again which is ridiculous as it is less than a month old. When he got home he took the old one apart and found some lumps of metal in there. He thought our water filter needed changing but now he wonders if it is from when we had our new water heater fitted. If it goes again, he will contact the manufacturer.

After dinner we all played Monopoly Deal, watched TV and Huffle and I tried to sort wool in the loft.



Aunt Pear said...

So, what's with the blog's title??

famfa said...

It's a game we play with a peg. We clip a peg on someone's clothes they are wearing and then say Hello Peggy. It's very silly but we did it to MrBasement yesterday and he didn't really get it. Makes us laugh though x

Aunt Pear said...

You daft lot. 😊