Saturday, 15 July 2017

Go and play in the EColi*

Today we gave the kids some choices as to what we could do and they chose Cobourg Beach. We had breakfast and got everything ready slowly and were out of the house by 11:30. The roads were incredibly busy and it was slow going. We decided as it was around 1pm by the time we nearly arrived that we would stop at Port Hope on the way for dinner. Unfortunately the place we wanted to eat at was busy and had no tables so we ate at a pub called Turtle John. Not the best food though I wasn't feeling the best so I probably wouldn't have eaten mine anyway. There were so many TV's in there that we could watch simultaneously Tour de France, Wimbledon, Golf and the BMX championship. The cycling caught our attention mainly because of the lovely views (the sunflower fields not the bums).

A poster we saw
Clouds on the way

We headed off to Coubourg and Huffle dropped us and the stuff at the beach and I drove around looking for a parking space. I found a two hour one and walked back to find the beach full and our camp squeezed into a space the size of our bathroom. So many people and only half a beach because the lake is so high. Still we were wedged between The Despositos and Hallsons. As people started to leave we moved forward bit by bit until we had prime position by the water.

Smallest ran in the lake as soon as we arrived and Small helped set up before joining him. Huffle and I got to relax and watch them and the entertainment around us. We had a good paddle in and the boys were pleased by the small waves (some were biggish). They swam and played and swam and played all day. I got to read and we ate our picnic tea when most people had disappeared. We had a lovely afternoon.

On the way home Smallest fell asleep. Both boys went straight to bed. Tired boys.

Tonight's sky

When Huffle checked the various beaches online, there was a Health Warning on several of them warning that where there were puddles from storm rains and the high water levels in the lake, there was an increased risk of EColi. Today we saw a family playing in said puddles and one baby being bathed in one. The Mum looked a right state with her belly hanging out, boobs all akimbo shouting like a fish wife. At one point I heard her say "oh I don't think that's safe" before her daughter was then buried neck down in a festered pool of who knows what! Instead of telling our kids (at the end of the day) to go play on the motorway, we told them to play in the EColi Pools. Bad parents!

Interesting spots today

Giant on the beach (fine figure of a man). Man who took what looked like his kitchen Lino in the water. 3 oriental ladies who had so many photograph poses they were there for hours! Boy considering skateboarding on the water!?


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