Monday, 10 July 2017

Where are my shorts Grandma Moo?

My sore throat did not get any better. It kept me awake and I found it was getting more and more constricted so I took some antihistamines in case it was an allergic reaction and then later when it woke me, I took painkillers and sat up reading a book. This morning it was really sore but eased a little after breakfast and coffee. My tummy is a little off too and I have waves of nausea. So does Huffle and Small so I'm now wondering if it's a viral thing. Moo has escaped so far but Smallest now has his seal cough which we are keeping a close eye on. He knows how to check his breathing and we have the inhaler if it gets too bad. However the doctor did say we needed to rush him straight to hospital if it got bad. NO, not that again! He went to bed with a headache but hat could be too much sun and not enough liquid.

Huffle had to go into the office this morning so he was up early. I got up earlier than I would have liked to take Smallest to his Football Summer Camp. 25 minutes drive and a short walk across a field and a running track. Smallest was the only boy there NOT in a practice grey tee shirt. Apparently they told him yesterday at practice to wear it. Never mind. I took the blame and they said he would get a camp shirt anyway. He did get a shirt and it was fluorescent green and mucky! I had to wash it for tomorrow. Must be a man who thought it was a good idea to give them 1 shirt for a whole week!

I left him there and came home for breakfast. Moo and I had been invited out for coffee with Angel and we met up with her and her girls mid morning. We left Small behind watching Americas Got Talent. He said he would not play and watch all morning but when we got back he was still watching, though he had got changed and made his bed! We had a coffee outside in the sunshine while LittleSel toddled around us. We came home and collected Small and went off to CostCo. On the way we stopped for a grilled cheese at the Portuguese cafe.

Costco was the busiest I have ever seen it. We bought lots and tasted a few things and came home to put it all away. Small helped and Moo distributed Loo Rolls (a very important job). Moo and I then finally sat down with a pot of Peppermint, Chammomile and Ginger Tea and played Skip-Bo before sitting on the porch enjoying the breeze. So hot and humid today! No storms as forecast though.

As Huffle was in the same town as Smallest today, he decided to pick him up from camp. This actually took him longer than it would have taken me which is silly because he was much closer. Silly traffic! Smallest had had a good time and was shattered. He had a relaxing soothing Epsom salt bath while Moo and I made dinner (well reheated leftovers with some extras thrown in).

After dinner we had a mad rush looking for Small's shorts which were missing. We knew all the washing was done because Moo finished it all off yesterday and today but we couldn't find them anywhere. In the end Moo found them in the SunRoom but we don't know why they were in there. Moo and Huffle went to Small's game tonight where he won 3-2.

Smallest and I stayed at home and watched Ratatouille. I know it's been on many times but I have never seen it all the way through. It was very good and explains a lot considering we have Disney Monopoly and all references to ratatouille meant nothing to me.

Tomorrow is Moo's last day and as I have to take Smallest to camp again, there isn't really time to go to work so we have been invited for coffee break instead so she can say goodbye. Awwww nice.


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