Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fairy Jam Mother

A nice slow morning of nothing much but breakfast, TV, general tidying and not much else. The boys were suitably relaxed watching Tv and playing on their tablets. Smallest and I played Pictureka! And Stack em Up before getting on our bikes and cycling to swimming. It was a much cooler day today with rain in the evening.

At swimming, lifesaving tips were discussed. Small did 20 laps in 12.20 his best so far. Small did 14 laps but we weren't properly timing him so we have to have another go tomorrow. They both dived and did some lifesaving. We cycled back and had lunch with Huffle.

This afternoon the boys and I went out to the tennis courts and had a play. The temperature was good to start with and then got sticky. The boys were bickering at each other constantly and I threatened to drive off without them if they didn't hug! We came home when we were worn out and played Monopoly Deal with our made up rules and then Carcassonne until I had to get dinner ready. We found a jar of raspberry jam on our doorstep and later found out it was from next door (nice ones). Lovely.

Smallest helped me to make turkey burgers and we had air fries and peas with them. I had a portobello mushroom as I couldn't be bothered to make a burger for me today. It should have been Small's football practice this evening but his coach cancelled yet again, this time due to food poisoning. He certainly comes up with a lot of excuses! Because I was planning on walking while he practiced, we all went out for a walk before the rain came. Smallest took his bouncy ball and we managed to lose it. We had a good walk though and came home and played MarioKart. Smallest had a bath and Small had his shower and Huffle and I watched TV.

Beauties from our garden (couldn't get many photos as the bugs were eating me).


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