Sunday, 23 July 2017

Where's my nose?

We didn't do much this morning. A bit of washing, some tidying but all in all a late breakfast and some relaxing followed by us all leaving the house late morning for Smallest's football academy practice. It was a sticky day with a nice breeze sometimes but quite dull and cloudy. Smallest's practice was very enjoyable today, for me anyway. I don't know why. Huffle and Small played catch and bowling and I sat and watched Smallest. Perhaps I don't normally take too much notice but it was good today and he enjoyed it too.

Once it was finished we all went to a nearby place and had a lovely meal. We played one and a half games of Monopoly Deal, ate and then went into the Mall to look for sandals and towels. We found neither. We also checked out the laptops as Small will need one for High School in September. We decided what size screen he needed and tried a few out. We also checked out another shop for laptops but now we know what he wants, Huffle can look properly online and get a good deal.

We drove back to our local shops and took Small's sandals back that we bought when Moo was here. Already (after about five wears) they have both split in the same place. They gave us our money back and we bought pool supplies. Once again we looked for towels but couldn't see any we liked. Not that we haven't got plenty but it would be nice to kit out the bathroom in some new ones.

Back home Huffle and I sat on the porch until we could stand being bitten no longer and went and sorted out the pool. Tested, Chloroned and pH downed, and tomorrow we can stabilise it. Huffle removed all bolted lettuce and reseeded the bed. We then fed all the veg with comfrey tea. Eeeuuugghhhh that stuff stinks!

Smallest had his bath and payed on his tablet. Small played on his tablet and then we all finished off Harry Potter. That's all the films gone through again. Smallest says we are watching all the Star Wars next. Then it will probably be Lord of The Rings and then back to Harry Potter ha!

Weird cloud formations this evening



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