Saturday, 8 July 2017

Table for Cold

Huffle had to get up earlyish in order to go and help MrRoyal put up signs and tables for today's Hamlet Garden Tour. He spent a couple of hours sorting it and came home with name tags for us all and a map of where the gardens were. Moo and I went for our pre-tour around 11am and visited four gardens, all very different. I didn't dislike anyone's garden, they were all nice in their own way. As we had time to spare we decided to visit the Masonic Hall to see if we could sneak away a couple of scones and there we met up with some people who we chatted to. We were given two scones and some jam (there was nowhere to put the cream) and we headed off to the garden that we were going to be looking after for the rest of the day.

Moo settled herself at her welcoming station and thoroughly enjoyed chatting to people and telling them to enjoy their garden visit. I had a Tour by the owner to see what was where and why and then I took over the garden Touring for the rest of the afternoon. It was a lovely meandering hilly garden with a fabulous waterfall and beds, a gazebo and a hidden meditative labyrinth behind some tall trees overlooking the Oak Ridges Moraine. It was a very peaceful garden and I enjoyed showing people around. Some wanted the full Tour, some wandered by themselves but I had long chats with a lot of them. We worked very hard for two hours and then MrsRoyal and L came to relieve us for 45 minutes while e got some lunch and checked onnthe rest of the family.

MrRoyal checking out the labyrinth

I walked down to check on Small who was the Welcome person at Garfunkels garden. Huffle and Smallest swapped with him after an an hour and a half and Huffle was relieved at 4pm. Moo and I went back to our garden and settled in for another two hours. It was a beautiful day in a perfectly lovely setting.

Some blooms in our garden

Huffle decided we were going out by ourselves for a 'date night' so when we got back we ordered Moo and the boys a huge pizza and we left them to it!

Huffle and I went to Port Perry. It was a beautiful evening and we went to a restaurant we haven't been to in the evening before. We had a lovely meal which was only marred by my allergy kicking in making my eye sore and runny for the rest of the night. Dinner was very good and we wandered through the town watching the fishermen on the lake. Huffle had an ice cream and we walked along the lake with the full orange moon reflecting on the water.

Back home Moo and the boys had eaten their pizza and played cards. Later we watched Who do yo think you are BBC with Charles Dance. Very interesting.

Lovely day and evening if not a bit tiring.


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