Monday, 24 July 2017

You remember those wooden boxes?

Sometime during the night, we were woken by a pungent smell and it wasn't Huffle ha! It was a skunk. Why on earth would anything need to make that kind of a smell and for it to linger on for so long. Simply horrible. We had to close windows, put the fan on and spray Lavender into the fan. It must have worked because I went back to sleep but it was a rude awakening.

All of us were up around 8:30am though I'm sure Smallest was up for an hour before that at least. Breakfast was eaten, Huffle went up to the loft to work and the boys played on their tablets, Wii or watched TV. I sorted washing whilst catching up on Poldark. Smallest and I played several games of Disney Guess Who and I think we were quite even. We had doubts over whether Dopey was a boy (Smallest always asks that question), whether Captain Hook has a feather in his hat or a rats tail!! and which characters are goodies or baddies. Funny though.

Despite the darkness of the clouds and the coolness, we still went on our bikes to swimming. It rained while we were there and it was quite heavy on the way home. Still, the boys couldn't get any wetter. I was offered a rain coat but hey I'm English, what do I care about a bit of rain?!

Small did 20 laps in 12 minutes which is his best time yet. Smallest did 13 lengths and then realised he should have some 13 laps and finished his proper laps in 8 minutes. He was tired. They did some Diving and some rescuing, this time Smallest rescuing Small which was funny.

We had lunch with Huffle and then I took the boys out holiday shopping. We got some reasonably priced sandals for Small in the boat shop. Only kidding but his feet are truly like boats these days and we got two body boards. One always breaks because the boys all use them for crashing against the waves so I get a new one each year which I attempt to body board on and perhaps use as a floaty thing and then I give it to whoevers board breaks while we are away. I bought a replacement rubiks cube for Small as I broke his and Smallest bought some Pokemon cards. Plus we bought Huffle a Christmas present in the sale. Oh he will be pleased!

We came home and I made dinner. Smallest cleared the table and set it and played on the Wii and I had a few games with him. Small played on Minecraft and sorted and put away all shoes. After dinner I took Smallest to his football practice and I walked round and round the track four times until I had clocked up nearly 13,000 and then I sat in the car watching the practice. It was quite cool tonight. The temp said 17* but some of the Mum's were wearing hats and gloves!

Huffle had to coach Small's team as the coach was busy at work.


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