Monday, 31 July 2017

Four Two and a flying shoe

Huffle took the day off today to be with us so we could all go out for the day. The boys chose the Ontario Science Centre as Huffle hasn't been before. Small has been several times with school and once with Smallest and I last Summer.

We left the house around 10am ish and got stuck in horrendous traffic. We had vouchers for the boys to get in free as the country is celebrating Canada150 and there are many attractions and parks offering similar deals. We didn't take a lunch but popped some of Smallest's Gingerbread into my bag for emergencies.

The Science Centre is built in a ravine over six floors and has plenty of interactive stuff to do. It was very hot today so inside an air conditioned building was the perfect spot to be in.

Apart from the usual silly photo things to pose at, we built a multitude of paper aeroplanes and tried to get through a series of hoops to a target. Small was particularly good at this.
We watched balls go down a series of bends, Ramps, lifts etc which was very mesmerising. Huffle and Small tried to see how good they would be with wings and seeing what their windspeed would be and wingspan.
Huffle and Smallest had photos taken and then chose other people's features to add to their own which made for a couple of very weird boys!
There was a huge room dedicated to sound and music and we got to play the steel drums and watch how sound affected movement on a speaker. One of our most favourite things was feeding a huge tube pieces of paper and aeroplanes and watching them going high into the tube and up into the air. Huffle showed the boys what good old fashioned ticker tape was and even got a round of applause from a Chinese lady.
There was lots of sporty challenges to do too, including rowing, running, pulling and the boys all stood in a wind tunnel and got to see what a tornado was like. Huffle took an age test but apart from his ears getting considerably larger, nothing much changed. I don't know if it was saying he already looked 70!!!!
We went into a weird perspective room and Huffle tripped and dropped his phone and had to get one of the staff (who happened to have a Coventry Best Man at his wedding) to get it for him.
In the Planetarium Smallest drove a moon buggy that was very difficult and frustrating to do.

All in all it was a very good day with not too many people. There was one exhibit that we missed because of shows being on at different times but apart from that it was good.

We were very hungry and Huffle found us a #37 out of #6,000 trip advisored restaurant that happened to be a fish and chip place. The best fish and chips we have had since we have been here and we have tried a few! We came home tired but happy. Both boys had football so they had some relaxing tablet time before Huffle took smallest to his practice and I took Small to his game. Small's team lost 4-2. The opposition's coach's were very annoying and constantly shouted at their players. Every single move was orchestrated by them. The boys didn't think for themselves at all. These were the same coaches who Huffle had a problem with last time and who threatened to rip his oesophagus out!!!

Smallest practised with his new team mates as the teams have been switched. Huffle informs me that they should work better. Tomorrow is their game so we shall see.

Lovely buddleja supposed to be light blue.
Beautiful anemone popped up in Smallest's garden








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What an amazing place. Lovely family day.x