Sunday, 9 July 2017

2 sponges and a bobby squeak

A nice lie-in for all and a breakfast of waffles with hand picked red currants which I now know I do not like. Too pippy and far too sour but Smallest, who eats lemons for fun, likes them. We also have a gooseberry bush with fruit on it but I don't think they are quite ripe yet. Again, too sour for me but I know they make a good jam when paired with raspberries (also just starting to ripen in our garden) and red currants. A lady in the Hamlet makes this jam and she calls it Roger Jam.

DonNoQuotey serenading us with his one piece of music (3 hours)

Smallest and Huffle went off to 'Acadamy' football practice. Small stayed at home and played on his tablet and Moo and I made two Victoria Sponges. One for us to eat and one for the BBQ we were invited to this afternoon.

In two hours we had completely made and iced two cakes and then we all played table tennis until the other two came home. Smallest had a great practice and the teams were all mixed up. Huffle is hopeful that the next game might be better now they can see who works better with Smallest. Fingers Crossed. Smallest is at a Football Camp for the following week with his Football Club so there will be no practices in the evening, just the game on Tuesday.

We had a slice of our cake and a cup of tea and then left for our BBQ at OldCoach's house. It was a lovely afternoon despite the weather forecast saying differently and we mainly sat outside. The kids all played football with some coaching from OldCoach (he just can't stop himself) and we sat and drank wine and dipped flatbread. Later OldCoach grilled the boys some sausage and steak and for us ladies portobello mushrooms and asparagus. We had a nice bean salad too. It was very nice.

The rest of the afternoon/evening we sat outside and had coffee/tea and cake. They all loved it and had no idea what it was called. There was lots more football and a bit of baseball and lots of sitting and chatting, mainly about football. We had a good time and I think the kids did too - they were non-stop playing.

I have a sore throat from the spice in the salad and my wee stinks like a skunk because of the asparagus. My eye has been running all afternoon and it's sore and swollen (could be allergy, could be who knows what) and I have bites everywhere. OMG Shoot me now!


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