Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Musky toes are growed

Last night, before I went to bed, I wrote a note to Smallest : I want you to come to work with me today (tuesday). Please make sure I am up before 8:30am (and Small), get breakfast and dressed. We are leaving at 9:15am. Love Mummy xx

Small came in this morning around 8:30 and made a low growl which I took to mean 'get up'. When I came down both boys were dressed but Small was unhappy and mooching around. He did not want to go. However the alternative was him sitting on his IPad all morning. So I made him come too. MrsM was really good with the boys (she always is actually). She tried to make Small feel better about being there and gave him the responsible job of cutting down huge Locust Trees down while Smallest, Jan and I cleared Dog Strangling vIne and sumacs. We were trying to make the entrance a bit nicer. Small was found in the ditch later surrounded by wild things.

The agapanthus was taller than Smallest. Small in the ditch. A begonia called Red Fred

Coffee break we had a lovely suqashity cheesecakey bar thing and we were joined by Pat and D. We then dug out potatoes, repotted a lavetera, picked peas and generally tidied. MrsM gave us four salvia plants; two red, one purple and one black. On the way to the car she found a wild impatiens - the antidote to poison ivy. We dropped it off to Huffle bare rooted on the way past to go to swimming and he planted it.

At swimming Small did 20 laps in 13.30 minutes. Not his best but we kept interrupting for one reason or another. Smallest perfected his strokes and they both did lifesaving and diving. We came home and had lunch. Huffle at the table with his laptop, me on the porch and the kids watching TV.

Some little fixes playing near swimming

This afternoon Smallest and I went out for potatoes and sandals as Smallest's broke today! (His did belong to Small previously though). Back home we FaceTimed Moo who was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and her garden and we put the shopping away and made dinner.

Cleaning his football boots

After dinner we left Small at home and went to Smallest's football game. The game was a long way away and we used to Toll road to eliminate the stress of rush hour traffic and lights! New tactics today in the game which didn't work but the kids were told they didn't carry out the tactics. Interesting! They were playing much taller bigger boys who were faster, more determined and hungry to win. We lost 9-1. Poor game! Interestingly, not only did we have our normal coach but the Technical Director and the main man even blessed us with their presence.



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