Friday, 21 July 2017

Canada is 25 years older than a digestive*

The boys and I decided we were going to spend the afternoon in our pool but before we did that we had to do some maintenance. After breakfast, they played for a while on their tablets. Up at the pool, we vacuumed and swept the bottom of the pool and scrubbed the steps. We seem to have a lot of Calcium deposits this year so we need to lower the pH and add a stabiliser product. I also noticed the liner is coming away from the side so we will need to sort that too but not till the end for the end of the season or maybe next year now. We backwashed and rinsed and added chlorine. The boys set up the parasols and chairs so everything was ready for us later on.

The bikes were checked and tyres pumped up and then we rode to MrsE's for their last swim this week. They still have another week but the weekend is free. Today Small rescued Smallest with several different techniques, mainly kicking him out of the way or diving underneath him when he grabbed hold. This is a technique to stop the rescuees from dragging the rescuers under. Small then swam 500m in 13 minutes and Smallest swam 300m in 8 minutes. They finished with some diving.

We cycled home for lunch with Huffle and the boys watched The Simpsons in the living room and Huffle and I watched Gotham in the kitchen. Huffle went back to work and the boys and I spent the next couple of hours in and around the pool. The temperature said 25* but it felt colder. It was okay once we were in though.

We had several games of hide and seek, catch, kick ball and a small whirlpool. Huffle had time to jump in and play a few games with us before running back to work. Small entertained us with somersaults and handstands. Smallest and I played a card game too (not in the pool). We had fun and I finally left the boys to it while I made dinner. They tidied everything away up there for me.

After dinner we left Small home alone playing Minecraft and watching the Blue Jays and we took Smallest to his football practice. It was a beautiful evening only marred by the cloud taking the sunshine away. No bugs wahooo!




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