Saturday, 29 July 2017

Two festivals and a 25c tummy rub

A rude awakening sometime before 8am! C'mon, 8am on a Saturday. Give us a break you loud banging thing you!!!! Could be the waste fill at the other end of the village or could be the new house extension being built which incidentally is bigger than the original house itself, including upwards and outwards!

Breakfast was complicated as Small wanted me to make him a poached egg and Smallest needed help making cheese on toast. Huffle said Cheese on Toast was NOT a breakfast thing!! After breakfast we got ourselves together and went off to Uxbridge for the Scottish Festival. We weren't really sure what to expect. We have been to Fall Fair and that was interesting enough but it turned out that today's festival was in fact nothing more than a load of men wandering around in kilts (there are apparently a lot of Scottish Heritage here), lots of Scottish type dogs doing a weird run to a bowl to eat a wiener and then run back and loads and loads of Scottish dancers. We watched a couple of dog races, said Hello to MrsM, bought some Bakewell tarts, watched a couple of dances and left. Nothing much really left for us to do. Tomorrow we were going to do the Beaches Jazz Festival but as the Scottish Festival didn't hold our attention for long, we decided to do the Jazz today instead.

Off to the supermarket for a sale bin Baguette, laughing cow and pastries and off we went on an adventure to Toronto Beaches. We went to the Jazz Festival two years ago and it was really good. Very very busy, loads of groups playing and lots of fun things for the kids to do, plus lots of give always. One and a half hours drive later with a stop at a park for some baguette, we arrived and parked.

Flowers and insects at the park

The main stage was disappointing with a group that could not be described as Jazz with a drummer who sang out of key. We moved to the Urban Stage where we listened to a band talk for a while and when they started to sing, we once again moved away. A bit too urban for us! More like rap and certainly not Jazz. Notfinding much going on, we chose to walk the boardwalk of the beach.

A stone table tennis table. We need to find anemone who can make this for us
Rod Stewart?

Again, because of the high water, the beach was only half what it normally is. The volleyball nets were moved so they went far along the beach instead of in a large group on one corner. We walked all the way to the ice cream place we know. It was a slow meander with lots of stops for sitting and viewing. There was certainly lots to view today. I take umbridge at men wearing no shirts, on the beach is fine, but walking or running along. NO! Small was getting annoyed with people walking over his side of the boardwalk and cyclists who thought they owned the multi user path. We heard one cyclist shout "cyclist path" at some pedestrians who shouted back something about it being for multi use. Small decided he would issue tickets and fines for various behaviours which included, bad dress sense, no shirts, sandy bums, bums hanging out of shorts, badly fitted shorts, walking onto wrong side of the path, ignorant cylists, dogs stopping, people stopping and so much more. If we could have collected all the money that Small wanted to fine people for, we could have been millionaires. Smallest just wanted to give people tummy rubs for 25c.

View from the boardwalk
View from the Festival park

After we got our ice cream, we sat on a bench overlooking the lake and beach and invisibly handed out more tickets. We slowly walked back to where the Festival should be, shared a few chips whilst watching the volley ball and then sat and watched a group called Jazz Money that were really good. Unfortunately we only caught the end of their set and so walked to the main stage and watched and listened to a Spanish Jazz Band. They were good too. The boys played with a bouncy ball and eventually as it was getting later, we decided to leave and come home. We had walked 18,500 steps and we were tired.

Bouncy ball

On the way home we popped to the Italian we like and had a cold drink and a bite to eat before finally coming home. Very enjoyable day. Not what we expected at all but good all the same.



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