Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hello - Lionel

A nice lie in with no reason to get up early wahooooo. Huffle of course had to get up because he is working.

Smallest and I went and harvested some vegetables before the bugs got too bad. We did quite well.

Courgettes, peas, beans, gooseberries, red currants and garlic scapes

The boys just watched TV and played all morning and just before midday we got our bikes out, pumped up the tyres and cycled to swimming. Another hot day.

Today's swimming consisted of Small lifesaving Smallest and then Smallest perfecting his strokes and Small doing 500m under 15 minutes which he did. We cycled home and had lunch with Huffle.

We had a visit from the Water Heater people as we suspected our heater had a leak. He couldn't find one and in fact the pool of water we had yesterday had disappeared. He did a throrough check though and said to call him if it happened again. His wife was English and from Coventry. His Dad was Irish and his Mum Welsh.

We didn't see much of Huffle this afternoon as he was too busy but the boys and I played a game of Ticket to Ride (Small won) and then Mousetrap which got very silly and we had to abondon in the end.

Smallest went for his bath in which he now takes his tablet so he can watch TV plus a bowl of grapes. Huffle calls him The Roman Emporor. He is loving our new bath. Huffle did manage to finish painting the bathroom today while he was busy listening to a call. It's looking very nice. Loving the grey on the walls.

After dinner, we all decided to go to Small's football practice. He forgot his water so Huffle left Smallest and I to go for a walk around the pitches while he picked up some water bottles and then we all sat and watched. It was very entertaining and was a beautiful evening.



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