Monday, 17 July 2017

Does Cr0yden still exist?

Let's start with illnesses and injuries. My throat is not so sore and my cough does not hurt any part of me. I'm very tired and a little weary but much less foggy around the head. Small has trapped a nerve again in his neck, same place as before. It is making him walk funny and hold his head at a weird angle. We put heat on it and ibuprofen gel and gave him paracetamol. He swam and played football and chased me around the house today so it may getting better. Small also has an ingrowing toe-nail which we bathed and germalened but he did play football so it can't be that bad! Small also got tackled whilst footballing and hurt his leg briefly. Huffle has a nasty bite on his arm and he is very tired due to a terrible night's sleep and an early wake up by construction Colin! Smallest has a scabby leg with fell off (scab not leg) and bled on Small's socks that he insists on wearing instead of his own!

Now for the messy list. There were ants everywhere again due to Smallest helping with dinner. Small got germalene on his white football top and then got mud and grass stains on the same white top. Oh yes and the blood on Small's borrowed socks.

Huffle worked hard all day. The boys and I spent the morning tidying, washing and playing on gadgets. Midday I took them swimming at the local Hamlet pool. They are there now for two weeks just for half an hour and they swim together. Neither is aiming for any badges as they have finished them all. It is merely a stamina, stroke correction thing. They love it and they looked today like they have never been away for swimming despite them not doing any proper swimming for a year (not counting holidays).

We drove there today which is lazy but considering none of us is completely 100% I thought it best not to overdo it. Swimming was good and I was pleased to see how well they did. We came home and had lunch with Huffle. The boys sat inside and watched TV and Huffle and I sat on the porch.

It was a very humid day today and we gave in and put the air conditioning on. We can't do with another sleepless night with it being too hot!

This afternoon we left Huffle working and Small resting his neck and went shopping. Smallest picked up the things and I bashed the trolley into everything - foggy head!! We did really well and came home to put it all away. Small's neck was a bit better after a hot shower.

Smallest and I then made curries for dinner. He made the Masala Paste for me and filled all of our herbs and spices jars (making a mess for the ants). Small came and helped set the table and warm the naans and Smallest made us milkshakes (perfect for hot curries).

After dinner Huffle took Smallest to his football practice and I took Small to his football game. I knew we were in the same town but when I found I didn't have a chair in my car, Huffle drove to bring me one. He was literally 4minutes drive away. My hero. Small's team lost 3-2 but Small scored a goal when he was up front and despite his neck and his bad tackles, falling over etc, he did well. I don't think he ran as much as he normally does but he has swam as well. The ref was terrible as ever. There were bugs everywhere and I got lots of bites tonight!





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