Tuesday, 4 July 2017

You're going home in a beep beep ambulance

A still from a video I took yesterday

Beautiful sunshine. Very un-Tuesday weather thank goodness. Today I took Moo and the boys to work with me leaving Huffle working at the kitchen table. We started on the Dog Strangling Vine near the gate and cut loads and loads of it. Then we moved inside the gate and cut a whole load more. This is a real pest in this country and is filling the forests and killing huge trees by its strangling methods. As yet, there is nothing that is able to kill the horrible thing. Funny thing is, I know we had one growing in a pot that Grandad gave us and called it a clematis. It has tiny little brown/black flowers and climbs very easily. However, in England there are plants and pests that don't let it get out of control. I think they are working on something here to control it, in the meantime though, it's a nuisance!

Hungry frogs
Beautiful water lily
Smallest's treat from MrsM (who works in a British Shop)

Coffee break was a Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie in Cake form with Cream Cheese Frosting. Yum yum. The boys definitely liked it! Back out we went again and did weeding. Smallest completely cleared a path all by himself and him and Small picked off snails and slugs and threw them to the frogs in the pond. It was very warm so we left around midday. We had lunch with Huffle after we planted our bulbs we brought home.

The boys played on their tablets all afternoon with interruptions for putting away their clothes and clearing shoes. Moo and I swiffed and swept, read and played Skip-Bo (I won. Score now forgotten but I'm sure it's close, plus I don't cheat like Moo does!!).

After dinner we all went to Smallest's football game. It was very hot and Moo and I went for a walk before the game to try and get some shade and listen to the frog chorus. I made Small come with us as I didn't want him sitting on his IPad for the rest of the evening. The game was awful. They took two of our best players for the other team which incidentally won and left us with Smallest and a couple of other hard workers but it wasn't enough. They lost about 13-0. Poor Smallest was so down after the game and during it. He is not enjoying it much at the moment which is a shame. Hopefully it will get better.


This evening we watched Gardeners World. It was a lovely episode and cheered us all up after such a terrible game. Good old Monty.

Late evening we went out to look at the moon. It was very bright and clear. I tried to get a photo but it's not easy.



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