Sunday, 26 June 2016

26 Jars on jam on the shelf........

We had an early start to our day with a note left out for the boys asking them to get dressed as we were going out early for Strawberry Picking. We were out of the house by 8am. ON A SUNDAY!? I'm glad we did too because it was already hot by then and we missed all the queues though it was still busy.

All ready for our picking we had jars, sugar, pectin and lemons awaiting us at home, a cool box with a fruit bucket in the car, hats for shade and a hunger for freshly picked strawberries you can only get from not eating breakfast.

We were assigned our two rows and started picking. I think the strawberries were larger this year and there were many many people eating as well as picking. We ended up picking $26 worth which was a very full bucket. The raspberries weren't ready to pick yet so after a quick wave to the Farm Pickers we came back home for breakfast.

We made pancakes and had mainly strawberries. All the boys sat and watched the end of the France and Ireland game and Moo and I sat on the porch with our coffee. Then we all came in to make jam.

The strawberries stayed in the cool box until one of us took out enough for the first jam. Small and Moo washed and cut, Huffle stirred, Smallest squeezed lemons and I jarred the jam. We made it in three different batches and ended up with 26 jars of varying sizes. We are just eating up our last jar from last year and I think we made 20. Hopefully I will be able to give some away as teachers gifts this year. Moo already has her eye on at least one to take home.

Silly antics in the car

The boys went in the pool while we finished the jams off and were almost okay by themselves apart from the odd argument. We called them in for a cool and a game of Newmarket which Smallest won. It was a very excitable and noisy game. We had lunch and Huffle made scones which we had with our freshly made jam and some cream (well dream topping ha!).

She is always eating

Everyone went in the pool and we played hide and seek in there. Bearing in mind our pool is quite small and not very deep, this is an interesting game where the seeker has to close their eyes and try and listen to the water scuffling of the other people in the pool. It is vey energetic and I laugh a lot which doesn't help me to stay hidden!

It got so hot tonight that we had to put the air con on. The house was about 26* and there was no breeze coming through the windows anyway. Huffle and Small went off to train the French Twins while Moo, Smallest and I watched the last part of Karate Kid (football practice was cancelled for Smallest tonight as the coach thought it was tot hot - Huffle thinks he's lying and was probably out fishing).



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